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Oxford mig maker 330-1 does anybody know how...


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... to take this smug grin off my face? :wub:


In all seriousness.. i spent a loooooooong time researching the best value proffessional large migs available and kept circling back to Oxford for their reputation,  price, and 20 year parts availability promise. 


So I bit the bullet and splashed the cash about 2 weeks ago when our farm mower fell apart and my trusty topmig 150 wasn't up to the job. 

Wish I had upgraded sooner. I've used esab, migatronic,  kemppi, thermal arc, and all the usual pro migs.  This is up there with the best and at almost half the price! And the bonus is its single phase! 

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On 13/09/2016 at 7:18 AM, Maverik said:

I've got a portamig I got the year before last, and they are amazing machines, simple, no frills all day perfect welding. very nice. - it will pay for itself very quickly!

In my eyes it already has done! It's just basically replaced 3 welders in one hit for me. It's duty cycle is impressive. I was lucky enough to borrow this exact model for welding a steel floor into a 30ft bale trailer. Laid about 2000" of weld within one day never skipped a beat. 



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Yeah, that's what I've found impressive is the Duty cycle, I was killing my little 185 Sip in a few hours when I was going full pelt on the Camel Disco repairs, then I swapped to my Portamig and I've not yet overloaded it, and I've done some quite intense welding sessions with it. You don't realise quite how effortless a good Mig machine makes welding.

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Hi, All,


Not wishing to hi-jack the thread, but I see all sorts of Manufacturers that I'm not familiar with this side of the pond.  I have a Lincoln MigPak 180 with an auto helmet and full size gas bottle, and I would like to know how it compares with machines available in UK.  And, please, don't be kind.  I have a thick skin!



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The only experience I've had with Lincoln mig welders is one my mate has, about 400a synergic wire feed etc. I don't get on with it, often end up maxing out the wire feed adjustment on it (what adjustment you have) 

you can weld well with it but you have to be on the ball. That's a 3ph machine and my single phase Oxford welds as smooth as any 3ph machine (esab machines at work are a good comparison) Oxford has a manual wire feed which I prefer and get on well with. 


I was was doing some spray arc transfer the other day, kept tripping my power supply and when I was done I had an mb36 torch smoking. Welder never missed a beat though. Still super impressed!!!

if you don't know what spray arc transfer is, google it. It's a much hotter process than standard short circuit mig!

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