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  1. Thats kind of you Stephen, however hold onto them for now as I bit the bullet and bought a set There are some great points made and weighing up the pros and cons, it's worth doing. I shall update the thread as I go along
  2. That is a very good point, perhaps my ' they failed ' comment was a keyboard warrior moment on my behalf
  3. I would hazard a guess and say they're trying to make it look a Dodge Ram or something similar. They failed.
  4. I was going to say i liked the colour but I won’t because I don’t
  5. Not sure the gold spare wheel is going to fit. However for that price, it's worth a punt if the bulkhead and chassis are decent.
  6. Are you asking about this due to the cost of a 130/110 in the current climate?
  7. ‘Ere don’t go mentioning professional around me, people might get the wrong idea
  8. A couple of threads down is some interesting reading regarding an air suspension set up in a 90
  9. It does look impressive, what was you using beforehand?
  10. Brilliant, but not quite After one evening sitting there in the workshop, covered in green overspray, slightly high from the fumes and tired and on my 6th coffee staring at the bonnet it came to me that a cool idea would be to rearrange the letters of Land Rover and use that as a future name for our travels. OverLandR.co.uk was born. Although I do think some of the ideas have been worthy of a sub section
  11. 7” ? The wife says that’s not a lot of room but I explained it’s engineering 7” which is slightly different than biological 7” and when I showed her on the ruler she asked where I get my biological measurements from as they’re about 3” short
  12. You make it sound like I'll be charging people to come along for the ride Stephen
  13. I've not had time to look into this anymore at the moment, work tends to get in the way of these things!
  14. I am now fending off the wife's new love for the truck of wanting to bolt carp to it, but I do agree that while the tyres are good for the time being I do want to get some new ones soon as the rears are running a little low. She wanted to go the route of Sawtooth's and I wanted Blindos, but I'm sticking to my guns and keeping the Wolf's as they are a good wheel and well, why not? Tyre choices are so many and I'm along the lines of 255/85/16 size or thereabouts, the XYZ's are great but a little skinny and yes, I am being bit vain here, it would be nice to have something that is easily picked up and looks like it fits the arches for a defender and not a series. There are many many threads on tyre choices and I've read a fair few but feel free to chip in with your thoughts on a tyre which will be good for long travelling with decent off road ability The downside ( or upside? ) to changing to larger tyres is to move the spare to the back again as I don't want it hanging off the front looking like pig ( as one of my friends told me through laughter when I showed him a picture a few months ago! ) and that means changing the front bumper to a winch bumper and gracing the front end with a motor and some rope attached for pulling duties Oh and I've registered a web name for our travel website/blog idea... I'll let you come up with a guess as to what it is
  15. With that and @western reminding me it looks abit like a utility truck from the 90's, the missus mentioning we should park it at Asda I'm beginning to think that I should've stuck with my choice of Orange and Grey! it's usually a 2nd date before I lift my top for anyone, but as you asked nicely...
  16. Welcome aboard! Your travels sound interesting, I look forward to seeing your project come to life
  17. Spent all day putting the truck back together as it's needed tomorrow for work ( wife wants her truck back ) It's amazing how long it takes to bolt stuff back on and go round with a paint brush and fill in the bits of overspray and bits I missed. I didn't get the roof or the rear cross member sprayed up as it was too cold and to be honest it took all day putting it back together so that will be done at a later stage. A few car park posing pictures I was abit disappointed with the doors from SP4x4 if I'm honest. They are sold as a direct replacement for a defender door in series style but they took some work to get to fit properly including adding a small 2mm thick steel wedge to keep the door tops from ripping the seal around the door every time they shut. The top part of the door leans in towards the truck too much. The locks are a bugger as the B & C pillar's are designed for later style locks so it takes a while to get them lined up, but the O/S two are now done. I found it easier in the end to split the door and just concentrate on getting the bottom to close and lock correctly then deal with the tops afterwards. I ordered some seals from seals direct for the bottoms of the doors ( link here https://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/pdf/ETS58DR.pdf ) which was for the 4 door bottoms and the rear door bottom, however the rear door seal was knackered so I did 2 doors and used this seal to replace the entire rear door. I did find it didn't work on the rear door at the bottom though, it doesn't compress enough so the seal needs an offset bulb to work. It fits perfect and now I have no gap on the bottom left of the door where the old one was shagged. It's a decent price at £4.70 per metre
  18. I've doing some digging around and it looks like this question isn't as remote as I expected. Two things which have been brought up are; Compressed spring happening beyond the travel of the shock and extended spring being beyond the travel of the shock. First thing is, when the spring is compressed or the axle is articulated at the maximum point of it hitting the bump stop, will this be beyond the collapsed point of the shock and second point is when the articulated at the max point, does the extra travel of the shock cause the spring to dislocate. Looking on fox's website, the standard Fox 2 Pro shocks are as follows; Ext length Col length Travel 985-24-079(R) 21.13" 13.25" 7.88" 985-24-078(F) 21.65" 13.05" 8.60" Fox Pro 2" lift shocks are as follows 985-24-144(R). 24.03" 14.95" 9.08" 985-24-143(F) 23.88" 14.30" 9.58" For the fronts, the collapsed length is 1.25" ( 32mm ) higher than standard and the rear is 1.7" (44.5mm) higher. Based on this, an extension of the bump stops by those amounts or, to be safe, an amount beyond those, will stop the shock being compressed beyond it's limit. How does that make the vehicle behave in situations where articulation is happening at the extremities of the axle? The slightly longer travel of the shocks ( 1.2"/30mm front and .98"/25mm rear ) will make the non compressed side of the axle move further away by the amounts given or will it be more? Dislocation cones should stop the spring being unseated the extra 30mm & 25mm of travel length Fox don't give details of the internals between the 2 shock other than one is remote and the other has internal floating pistons. It also doesn't give the seated height of the shock ( when it's at rested) although I guess that isn't possible as an awful lot of weight information of the vehicle is needed before that figure can be worked out. Dislocation cones and extended bump stops are a must then. The standard shocks will be unpacked and fitted and I'll be on my merry way with no dramas to worry about, but there is that niggly feeling that will it work with a little more effort and a better shock at the end of it and the savings can be put to dislocation cones and extended bumps stops to break even... The question is, how will handle? General consensus from the past 2 hours spent reading up on it, is no real difference to a standard as long as you are prepared to set it up correctly.
  19. I'm looking to upgrade the shocks on the 110. Fox 2 seem to be the worthy choice and pricing them up, they're within budget. I have a standard height set up on a USW. If I buy new it's £600 for a full set, however JE are selling off the better adjustable range for £450 a set, however they're 2" lift version. I'm not that savvy on suspension if I'm honest, but can you fit 2" lift shocks to a standard spring set, and if so, what will happen? I don't want to raise the truck with a lift, would it be possible to dial down the 2" extended shocks to a more suitable to standard height without compromising the ability of the shock? Am I right in thinking 2" extended lift shock will allow more travel from the unit but the ' rested ' state of the shock is down to the spring height?
  20. I'm looking to replace my britpart beauties with fox shocks and keep the original springs for now, which model are those that you have fitted?
  21. She has been unwrapped now and the next job is to GRP the plastic cowls in the lift up roof before we do the last major bit of spraying the roof black. I have a large snagging list which is to be expected as this is a ' doors shut ' spray job, and the actual doors haven't been painted on the inside, just primered. I've got the grill surround and steering guard to go green, the top box and a few other bits to go black and she'll be done
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