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  1. 235/70R16 is about ~29.2 in diameter 235/75R16 is about ~30.7 in diameter 235/85R16 is about ~32" in diameter 265/75R16 is about ~31.8" in diameter i have 265/75R16 with no lift and there is lots of room the 235/85R16 is one of the standard factory fit size's
  2. try disconnecting the earth lead off the battery when parked up. if its ok when you do that then it is probably the diodes in the alternator have packed in allowing the current from the battery to energise the alternator thus flatten the battery when parked up. if it still dose it with the earth lead off the battery disconnected when parked up then its you battery that is duff
  3. the HMRC have just as many idiots civil servants who don’t have a clue as any other government agency. you only have to look as far as the farce in the last public consultation over excepted vehicles in notice 75 ware massive section of industry user groups were not part of the consultation and were sold out by the industries/groups that were part of the public consultation, there was no one from the horticultural industry groups, arboriculture etc.
  4. Could just be paying the price for using cheep springs that were not correctly tempered when manufactured thus will sag very quickly once they have been compressed a few times Or you are just compressing the springs to much as they are to soft with to much loading which has knackered them
  5. I think you will find most DERV has trace of red diesel dye in anyway especially if you have a DERV bulk tank at home or work due to the tankers delivering it WILL have carried red in the same tanker in the day/s prior to DERV delivery to you. For this resion there is a maximum PPM of red that can be found in DERV beneath witch prosecution/fine by the HMRC is imposable due the end user having no means to legitimately tell, distinguish or know.
  6. A BMW 3L 3.2L or 3.5L M 6 cylinder petrol engines A reliable 300hp all day long and with the BMW 2.7 that was put win the SA land rovers and 2.5L put in RR it should be eraser than some. BMW 2.5L/2.7L 6 cylinder diesel
  7. Err no full on challenge ones, there is more kudos to be had, after all finishing anything other than last in a factory standard LR would mean you did better than expected or should have done even if it was threw DNF’s etc of others. But I would be excluded by your rules anyway! “The event will be for individual vehicles, each of which must carry one driver and one co-driver” Guess I would just be to extreme for you!
  8. I would have had a go if “standard” actually meant “factory standard” rather than “modified” or that you were given a positive handicapping factor for being factory standard + standard towing hitch attached & as driver you would have to get out to punch your own card! Lol
  9. I would keep them fitted & have done for the past 18 years of 90/110 ownership, but then I live in the countryside with narrow roads with muddy edges. The problem with removing them is they keep the water/mud from the opposite side wheel as it sprays sideways at road speeds.
  10. Q1 = B: 3432kg putting a 3500kg trailer behind a 7500kg truck would be D = 23.41KN thus the towing hitch would need at lest a D value or Dc value of 23.41KN at 3500kg trailer weight.
  11. Both my Td5 90 & my Unimog u1600 are Insured with NFU Both fully comprehensive including use for work etc, they even gave me 65% NCB for the Td5 even though it was “new business” and all my NCB’s were used up on other vehicles
  12. true, but it is the LAW in the EU that 50mm tow balls shall not be used on trailers over 3.5 tonnes which overrides what’s written on the hitch even if its more than >3.5t also most people don’t understand what’s written on towing couplings & that KG (S, K, C) ratings MUST be used in conjunction with KN (V, D, Dc) values. e.g. Q1: your trailer coupling has a rating of 3500kg & a D of 17KN, with your trailer fully loaded at 3500kg what is the maximum weight of the towing vehicle you can use? A: 2767kg B: 3432kg C: 3997kg D: 4375kg hint: Q2: your 3500kg 2 axel trailer has a load bed 4.5m long & the drawbar length taken from the centreline of the load bed to the centre of the tow ball is 3.95m & the towing vehicle has steel springs, what is the minimum V value of the towing hitch you may use? A: 6.7KN B: 8.18KN C: 10.9KN D: 13.1KN hint: for an extra point your towing vehicle has air suspension which is taken as 1.8m/sec², which of A, B, C & D above would apply?
  13. 50mm tow balls with 2 bolt flange (BS Au 114a) are rated at NO more than 3.5 tonnes in the EU. 5 tonne ones with 4 bolt flange (BS Au 24) are ball & pin type ware the 50mm ball is rated at 3.5 tonnes & the pin at 5 tonnes.
  14. it is from the centreline of each wheel/tyre NOT the hub, if you look in your link it shows just that.
  15. You can get tubeless 3 piece split rims, I have a 20” set on my unimog
  16. The u1000 (424 / 427) 8 speed gearbox + transfer-box unit with the 2 planetary reduction boxes giving 24:24 gears probably weighs more than that 404 chassis + axels & drive train that you have on that trailer.
  17. Use to have a 90 with an fw525 PTO winch on, all I did was put standard duty 90 rear springs on the front, as HD front springs are standard duty 90 rear springs.
  18. b101uk

    Transfer box

    should that not be Well I am four days away from leaving for Morocco and my transfer box has just blown itself to bits. as its better it goes hear now than going on the way to Morocco in the middle of no ware
  19. There were some roolite’s on my land rover when I got it 2 weeks ago, I though they were cheep plastic carp so they came off when I took the bull bar off!, however having seen the price of them I am glad I never took the hammer to them, lol Did have a bit of a read up on them so I may refit them, but the standard LR lights are more then enough for people without night blindness & correctly set lights.
  20. Make : Migatronic Model : Automig 250 X How Long have you had it / How old is it : >15 years Typical Current Price : ? (was £1200 when new) Maximum Welding Current (AMPS) : 250A Output at 60% Duty Cycle : >185A @ 60%, 250A @ 25%, >145A @ 100% Welding Wire range in mm : 0.6mm to 1.6mm (I use 1.2mm for all stuff) Small Large or BOTH re Wire Spools : Both. Euro Torch (Yes / No ) : Yes. Argosheild Bottle - max Size that will fit : Full size. Weight : dont know but i can lift it into the back of a 90 JUST! What is the most typical things you weld with it - thicknesses etc : 1mm to 20mm. Other standard Features : seam, spot, interval & Argon/Co2 mix % Good Points : works well & is easer to use than most, consistent, uses 30A ring main. Bad Points : needs ~20A off a 13A plug (uses 1 * 15A & 1 * 5A fuse wire in plug away from home) On a scale of 1 to 10 1 being very unhappy with it, and 10 being "Its perfect for me" rate it : 9.5 www.migatronic.co.uk
  21. anything else the 270 wont do vs. the 280 besides the central locking? will the 270 do a movement sensor/key recognition & immobilising all off a key-fob? (once you have manually locked it)
  22. Modern cars etc with ECU don’t like voltages below 10.5v, some will do as yours and show no ignition lights etc or others will just flash all the ignition lights rather than them being in a steady ON state. It could be that the battery has a failed cell in which case it wont accept charge above ~10.5v or it will accept charge to just above 12V but it will rapidly fall over time back to 10.5V or the moment when a starter try’s to start off it or other higher loads. Normally an alternator will charge at between 13.5v & 14.6v, so with the vehicle running if you get a voltage at the battery in that range then your alternator is charging. The alternator could have developed faulty diodes which is causing power to drain back into the alternator when parked up thus dissipating the battery voltage, a good sign of this would be to remove the battery earth lead when parked up which would stop the alternator dissipating voltage so showing it as being the cause.
  23. on the bulkhead behind the Speedo/gauges/lights P/N AMR106270 & AMR106280
  24. Cool, just got my 1st td5 the other day, so am just getting up to speed on them
  25. anyone got a full list of the bits you need? as i see the unit in mine the other day which confused me
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