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  1. guessing the white smoke on start up was just the veg oil then?
  2. looks awesome Mike! Good to see it all working out!
  3. Was that 100 miles before you started having issues? For the cost of a filter I'd put a new one on as all the symptoms are of fuel starvation. Only other thought is that youve gummed some internals up in the VE pump which is throwing the governor off. A quick trick is to fill a fuel filter with neat injector cleaner then run the engine for 15-30secs so it's filled the fuel injection pump, lines and injectors then leave it overnight to break down the gunk
  4. i may have missed it but have you changed the main fuel filter?
  5. Looking good Ross. Are you on the bump stop or metal to metal with the chassis? Worth remembering that the rubber will compress though
  6. That will be pretty cool... Ive been looking at the O2 trailer IVA rules and it would be easier using a pre-built chassis but I dont think it will phase Mike much!
  7. haha would be cider in mine anyway! what sort of caravan project? making your own or refurb an older one?
  8. Beer fridge in the Ibex and BBQ meat in the caravan fridge then? lol
  9. Ok Mike, thanks for the extra detail! I love this build!
  10. so the silver block that holds your pulley also has a sort of hawse fairlead? Any link to the rear pulley?
  11. Cheers Mike, I always wondered how the Ibex Vector winching system was packaged as its something I wanted to implement on my 90 rebuild. Its the same set up as my Scammell Explorer to be honest and very similar to the Nokken winch on the 101FC. If you want to winch from the rear I guess you will just pick the rope off the rear pulley and hook a snatch block on?
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