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Sill bars with tree rails


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Who makes/supplies them any ideas

must be galvanized with decent tubular tree deflectors

same as the Mill Services ones

but any companies that actually have stock rather than the we'll get back to you

then failing to do so would be better.

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Well Mill Services are still proving elusive to confirm my order cancellation

3 emails 1 fax and all their phones RTNR or off.

whats the email address - we can then all send him an email telling them that you dont want them

then he can say he wasnt told!!

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I've been calling him all day today without joy



even put read receipts on the email(yet to be activated)

I needn't worry as I only ordered them on the 25 days ago

was promised them before xmas then again for this week

never received any return calls

and had to keep calling to find out whereabouts they were.

No wonder I started looking elsewhere!

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Have you tried his mobile? If you want it let me know and I will pm it. I do know he was ill before christmas so it may have something to do with it. I have not spoken to Richard for about 6 weeks but can call him and tell him your trying to get hold of him.


Richard is a sound chap, and a honest man. Not the quickest, but is honest. He gave me a set of free galv sliders when he supplied me with a bent winch bumper, then one that didn't fit, then finally one that was right. He is slow, but does what he says in the end. He is Definitely not orange. And his prices are fairly cheap too.

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