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BB just wait for the s**t jobs to head your way :lol::lol:

Hey even recovery units need a helping hand sometimes, I blame the organisers for not sending me a promised fuel agency card, didn't get one till that morning and couldn't leave the stage to get to a garage to fill up. the promised 'posted it Last Saturday' card still hasn't arrived :rolleyes:

otherwise a ace weekend :D

and my deepest sympthay to Micheal Parks family, a very sad day for all :(

we collected this from our 1st stage on Epynt Ranges


and Sunday Morning at Resolfen Stage 14 & 16 this was taken by me at about 4.30 am :o


from front left was Doctor,Radio car, FIV, 2nd row Us, Care Rescue, Post Safety officer, a marshal's car [parked] :D

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Glad to see you had good weekends, sorry I missed you on Sunday, decided after all the problems with Resolven and Margam it wasn’t worth driving right around the stage... I was expecting to hear from you for when the car with only 1 wheel needed recovering - did you not bring the extra wheels thing? :P

We visited craven control on our way out (they were near junction 13 on Resolven) had a chat, the crew from the roll at junction were OK overall - one of the crew had a quite serious cut on one hand so couldn't get out of the car - they were taken to hospital for stitches and checks/observation

The marshal from 24 was also taken to hospital for checks however control had no further information.

The incident on Margam was fatal as has already been mentioned, however I feel for the family - the worst bit was a marshal/spectator called the press immediately with no thought - BBC had the news on Cefax within minutes - probably before the family were informed :(

The rest of the event went well, we assisted in the ATC for Cardiff, was in one of the underground car parks ;) the fumes were not good, but it was good to see all the cars at close quarters and speak to some of the crews.

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I was expecting to hear from you for when the car with only 1 wheel needed recovering - did you not bring the extra wheels thing

Matt, heard you on the radio a few times, the 1 wheel car was stripped by local brats apparently before our guys could get to it :lol::lol:

had my extra wheel thing with me used it to recover the Evo, but was beyond the location of Junc 13 incident and can't wrong direction a live stage, in all a great weekend. :D

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