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Drive around days


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Drive Round Days (DRD)

The guy who runs one of the sites I use for challenge events also offers drive around days. These consist of a typical days driving from 1030 to 1630hrs around his farm and associated tracks/rivers/woods and linking roads. It is a relaxed affair with bring your own lunch/drinks etc, and is non competitive and I suppose you could call it advanced greenlaning, Last time there was reasonably deep water (over the bonnet) some good river driving and some excellent ascents/descents with some winch work (thank you Tim!)

I have provisionally booked two of these days with him for early this year with the potential to book more depending on demand.

The bad news, he doesn't like weekends (family commitments), we are limited to 6 vehicles otherwise the convoy is too long! Cost £30 per vehicle for unaccompanied trips, intstruction is possible please email/pm for further details. Unaccompanied days you can pay it direct to the landowner on the day, I am not making any money here.

Vehicles, advised MT tread pattern tyres, no Simex! (less one vehicle per group pre determined - Tim must be your turn next) and at least a winch between 2 vehicles and a snorkel would be a good idea. (although note that any of the sections can be missed out/driven around if you want to give it a miss). Vehicle must be taxed and insured as public roads will be used. Please be advised that everything you drive you can opt out of (with some reversing) there is a risk of vehicle damage. Iin the past the route has been used by susukis, P38s and 90s and possibly others.

Below are a couple of photos (not from the last DRD- I don't have any from that but ’05)


Exmoor Cop (with GBMUD st**k( i mean resting) in background)


Nigel Webber








DSN and a small dip


me going in

Please register your interest by email to greenmachine417@aol.com

If the demand is there I will book and advertise further days, if you have a group of mates and want to bulk book then email me.

Current dates and names are:

Mar 5th

1. Ben & Ro

2. TJ101

3. Chris H

4. DSN




I have spoken to the landowner today and increased the total number to 7 vehicles, which equates to me + 6. i have also confirmed another day for April. any takers for the 2nd or the 9th?

7th or 14th April







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Some of those hills look familiar... If it's where I think it is then I'd recommend it to anyone, one of the best days off roading I've done!

Won't be able to bring mine down but if anyone's got a seat going spare then I'd love to come along and take some photos :D Might even get my hands dirty if necessary!


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Ben I hope James won't mind me answering but it is fine not to have a winch as at least one of the vehicles there will have one.

and from memory a winch is very rarely used on a drive round day to be honest

yep, a winch is not needed (normally), However, last time all had to be winched up on section, I got up ok, but was first, and did have Richard (landowner) in with me,, hence James comment above

Drive Round Days (DRD)

Last time there was reasonably deep water (over the bonnet) some good river driving and some excellent ascents/descents with some winch work (thank you Tim!)

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