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New guy, first Land Rover 1974

Thomas the Tank

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Well hello. 
My wife and I recently purchased our first LR. Please meet Thomas. He is a 1974 with 67,000km Left hand drive, ex Norwegian military truck.

Im excited to learn. I’m a born  pre 1967 Volkswagen enthusiast so this will be much different than my normal. 

We are from the US but currently live near Oslo, Norway. 

There will be many questions to follow. First off, what do I need to know about the 24v alternator in this thing?







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Welkom to the MadHouse !

That looks a very nice Series - well done.

Had a Hard Top like that (3 doors) for years and they are good camping & sleeping vehicles.

24 volt (petrol or diesel ? ) means usu. a bit less easy to find parts.

You can convert to 12 volt if you want.



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Yeah, there's a couple of version of alternator..... I have some experience and generally pretty reliable, but there are a few things to watch for :)

You may have a large box mounted somewhere either under the truck or in the load bay which houses the regulator and some other gubbins...

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Yes she is a petrol car. It has the Weber carb. 

I’ll get some engine pictures today sometime. 

I mean so far so good with it. My friend with a defender from Africa was surprised at the lack of rust so that’s good too. 

From what I’m reading I would have to change many electrical components to convert to 12v so I will leave it 24. I will try to find some spares. Only thing if found not to work is the backlighting in the dash gauges. Can’t be too hard of a fix. 

Thanks for the welcome. 

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4 hours ago, Thomas the Tank said:

 Only thing if found not to work is the backlighting in the dash gauges. 

The dash gauges have a switch (feed from main light switch) to turn them off, worth a check to see if it's on or failed. 



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Well I drove home in the dark from work. I did find the dash light switch purely by accident when fumbling for the fan switch. 
it seems all electrical in the truck work as advertised, less one tail light bulb. 

He got a radiator flush and new coolant today. I really need a new accelerator pump diaphragm as this one has issues. 

I spent some time moving the license plate to the front of the bumper so I can step on the bumper. Then I ruined my new step by mounting some old school lights in the way. The lights were in a spare parts box in the back. 

also located the front and back bumperettes and mounted them. 

here is a few pics. 




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Yes - the link rod between the two small holes visible in the pic. One on the choke spindle and one on the throttle spindle. I might be wrong about the fast idle tick over adjuster screw- the one visible on the throttle spindle is tick over.


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