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I too have been waiting on Devon 4x4 for Simex since December, they always seem to be arriving on the container next week :rolleyes: . No-one else that I have spoken to has any in stock (Gwyn Lewis, Gigglepin, Nene Valley - I didnt try scorpion though, I refuse to buy from the orange people)

I'm currently on the hunt for secondhand ET's or small Boggers (37's) so if anyone has a some of either of those then please get in touch :)

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I've got 5 of those 36 inch Extreme Treker 2's in the Garage. Not on rims though, never used.

The ones with three smaller blocks down the middle.


I like to hoard stuff. :)

Edited to add: I think I've already hoarded far too much stuff. :(

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the tyres arrived at d44 on friday.......................... but ................................ no 35*10.5*16 et's they say simex havent sent them for sum reason

must say tho i rang up and lost it abit ( i know it wasnt there fault ) but tim bent over backwards to sort somthing out for me,

hes senting me a set of et's but 11.5 inch wide

least i can use my 90 for the first time :D:D:D

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they be mine...

Am thinking of going the shopping trollet route instead now, as I am too busy running around after him I don't have the interest/will to drive myself anymore - so a nice rag top or csw is in the order possibly..

Where/ when did you get them then. They seem to be like rocking horse poo at the mo!!! (What you doing with the old ET's)
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