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Gromett - where to get them ?

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VWP have big blanking grommets, we got a load from there a while back for work. You could either drill a hole, or drill an oversize hole in the big grommet and fit a small grommet in the middle.

Have thought of that but there are these damned things out there but finding them :(

Had a look on ebay, and RS - ziltch

Had a look at my parts book, there are some but unsure of sizes, if nothing else comes up will prob try a selection and see if any are the jobbies


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Guest diesel_jim
Righty Ho

Needs some Grommets

can't seem to find what I need anywhere, looked at VWP, Demon Tweeks, Polevolt etc.

Gromet type is to fill say a 30mm Hole (OD) but to have a small say 4-6mm ID type

Anyone know where I can get these ?


If you wanted to go down the genuine LR parts route:

269257 grommet, cable, 6 x 33.5mm black

555711 grommet, cable, 6 x 33.5mm red

or just to "seal" a hole, aka "plug" in LR parts catalogue:

BD155888 plug, sealing, 32mm

338025 plug, sealing, 35mm

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