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Winches (here we go...)


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Ok, without getting into a hydro vs leccy, Warn / Milemarker / used pant elastic wrapped around a cotton reel debate...

I need a reasonable sized winch (12k lbs +) for minimal outlay for my Mog 404. Its only gonna see occaisional mincing about offroad, and very occaisional winch use (mainly from one side of the garage to the other, unless all the vapour-builds are in the way...).

I'm figuring electric. For higher duty use I wouldn't be.

I see crappy cheapo winches on ebay - are these gonna cut the mustard for occaisional use, or should I go for something else?

If so, what?

Ta Al.

:ph34r: Bring it. :ph34r:

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Al, PTO to stay in the style of your Mog. I believe Dolly already tried telling you the same, but I thought I will explain it again.

The messiah would turn in its grave if you put a cheapo sparky winch on that mog.


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well the only cheap ebay winches I have experience of are the T-max ones and the 3 people I've known with them all had solenoid issues, the actual winch construction looked ok, but they never worked when they were needed.

Apart from that I only know warn, milemarker and Ramsey and have had 0 problems with any of them, but that's probably not the answer your after :)

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Rich Watson, member of the shire club with a 'slightly dented' disco had one of el cheapo ones of ebay - 12,000lb jobbie.

At first we all though it looked identical to some of the other well known makes, but after he used it a few times, we came to the conclusion it wasn't. Certainly not from a build quality point of view anyway. IIRC most of the internals fell apart, but not 100% sure. Moose will know if he reads this. Paul????

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I've seen 3 opf those cheap chinese Ebay winches break now, 2 on first use. True the warranty is great and they have been replaced but (if determined to go electric) I think you'd be better off getting a good used one (a husky should be bombproof enough) than wasting money on them.

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Aw carp. I guess I was expecting those replies (maybe not the hieroglyphics, but who would... ;) )

Ok, I hoped that by some utter miracle someone would say - 'yes the cheapo ones are amazing, never fail and blow the competition away'. Of course, instead I get the real answer.

Leccy doesn't seem very 'in keeping' with the Mog, I agree. But cheap does! :D

I don't currently have hydraulics, which is a bit of a PITA...

Fridge - how much for the winch? Condition? Isn't there a queue of potential customers? Is it still lying outside with no cover on!? :D

LMLuke - yuh, maybe, not as painful as I'd anticipated, but hopefully there will be a cheaper alternative, it's not gonna see a lot of action, but I want something that's going to work when I ask it to.

At least I don't need to invest in lots of leccy kit if I go hydraulic / pto. Hmmm.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Jez - should I just keep the troop carrier seats in the back and buy a big whip then? [Moglite - got any spares...? :ph34r: ]

Cheers, Al.

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