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squealing pads


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pads are mintex . the mechanic took the rubber pad of the piston and removed the plate , would that make any diffrence

That could well be the reason. There are a number of aftermarket squeal-dampeners that are basically padding or dampening material applied to the pad backplate.

Best to get that put back on or an equivalent applied.

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pistons were right in but they still wouldnt fit with the plates , am thinking of taking them back but i will get the usual bull from the suppliers ! where can i get afrtemarket plates

Might be that you pads are coated with at thick layer of paint, thereby reducing the space for the plates. How long ago did you try? There might be space for the plates after a couple of houndred km's :)

I had the same problem on my 110" and I solved it by removing the pads, cleaning everything up, adding copper grease to the area where the piston touches the pad, and placing the spiral springs between the pads that someone had never fitted(!). Just a little squeal from time to time now.. Earlier it sounded like a large freight-train whenever I just touched the brake pedal.


edit: In need of a spelling-plate..

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If the plates etc were there when the old pads were fitted then there is no reason why the new pads should not fit with them there.

Assuming they are the correct pads for the vehicle.

The only issues I have had have been the pads backing plate being a little too long & needing gentle filing to allow them to fit into the caliper.

Pad pictures at http://www.apec-braking.co.uk/default.htm Click on 'manufacturer' & then follow to the vehicle of choice.

Mintex at http://www.mintexbrakesonline.co.uk

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Mintex here too and no noise, other than a clack as the pad moves about occasionally

one of my mintex pads on the front does that as well! too big a hole in the top for the locating pin (pins were new when they were fitted as well!)

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the plates fit now that they have worn a little, have had to put cardboard in there to try and stop it , if it doesnt work i will try beveling them , wish id known that this morning ,ive had the things apart 4 times now

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