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For my next trick (or question!).......

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This type of steering damper has been available for several years and the same question pops up on one or other of the forums from time to time. Do they work? I have never heard from anyone who has bought one so it is always conjecture as to whether they represent value for money or not.

Personally the OE one has always done the job for me, I did fit a De Carbon gas charged one to my 90 a couple of years ago but I have to admit I haven't noticed any real improvement to the steering (no detremental effect either I hasten to add).

If your steering is set up correctly and you aren't running silly oversized wheels/tyres then I can't see the need for anything other than OE or a modest upgrade like a gas one.

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Nicksmelly - that is correct, however, your PAS box or arms have to overcome that force in order to steer the vehicle.

I have no experience of them, but the only benefit that I can see is better self-centreing (is that a word??), but it would involve more effort to turn the vehicle in the first place. And...at almost £100, it seems to be a rather expensive way of overcoming an incorrect steering set-up.

2p in the jar...

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