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MileMarker Drum Winch - broken spool assembly

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Hi All,

At the HW today early on the MM shattered its drum assembly.

I have a day off tommorow so expect some pics of this but in simple terms the cental drum assemble blew apart,

so that the tube bit of the drum sheared away from the end plate when we were giving it some and winching sideways.

I am sure I have either heard about this or read about this happening somewhere, ..........unsure where or what.....

Anyone come across this - and if so what is the answer ?

Really dampened my already 'damp' day :lol:

Thoughts ..........ideas ...........solutions ?

Prob pics tommorow :blink:


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Yes, I have heard of this happening some time ago.

I do believe that a batch of poorly welded drums escaped from the factory, however this was some years ago.

Quality control did not pick up spot welded drum ends, when they should have been seam welded all round the end caps of the drum.

This may not be related so I would check it out before jumping to conclusions.



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The info I remember is that it is to do with the pressure on the ends of the drums caused by plasma (generic term before anybody gets stuffy :rolleyes: ) pulling down through the layers beneath and pressing the drum ends apart with brute force.

The welding on mine is not that great either.

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As said this was quite common around 2001/2 and was put down to poor quality drums.

A good friend of mine continued to have problems when using Plasma style ropes and in the end had drums made from billet chrome molly :o

Did not break one after that :P

But looking at the number of MM's using rope rather than steel with no problems, i think you might just have been unlucky :(


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Happened to a chap I know last year.

Side pressure broke the flange off the drum,and shattered the end casting.

The welding of the flange was incredibly carp - zero penetration - you may be able to see in the pic.

He re-welded the flange himself,and as far as I know has had no problems since.


Oldspot stripped his MM down recently,less than year old,and it was dismaying to see the damage done to the aluminium castings by water-borne grit getting under the Plastic! bearings.

I will leave it to him to tell of the shocking response from MM USA.

If I were to buy another hydraulic winch,I would look further afield.

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Is there any way of checking batches affected from the serial number? (mines 2nd hand)

Would it be advisable to layer a fat weld on with the power well up (machining most of the old weld off first?) or will this muck up the hardening?

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I was a little suprised to see what Jez said about case hardening.....hardly seems necessary, but as it s case hardening it'll only be a couple of thou thick so some grinder action will sort that out, I will certainly be welding mine when it comes off for a deep dish conversion :P



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"Oh Bottom" :(

Right................. Update

Winch out ...........and from the 1/2 BSP Hydro bungs Monsewer Fridge brought up today the ends bunged up with blanking plugs ...

.......so that 30+ litres of EP32 don't line the garage floor :lol:

Winch on bench ...........and a quick inspection showed a Big crack (Ooooer Missus) right around the drum flange (Ooooh Nurse No :P)


The slightly worrying thing at this point was the crack didn't appear to have completely sheared right round the drum area, ..........

..........just a big crack.............. and a line of stress fracture right around the drum where welded :huh:

Pulling the unit apart the drum was shoved in the vice and the end plate thumped with a hammer,

and no the plate was fractured but NOT sheared all the way around,

yep the weld was poor, ..............but could have been redone, .......................

the idea of making a homemade drum looked less appealling as the one end of the MM drum is quite complex,

and again the drum may have had a crack in it, but was still attached .....and therefore should still rotate.........

Ooops, whats going on ?


Well, basically Folks it's shear (literally :lol:) 'User abuse' on my part..........

The main drive shaft gave me a clue, ..........note the twist in the splines ........and the wear on them :


This shows the forces involved here,

the "Oh Gawd" moment was when I got hold of the Motor having removed it from the winch .............and tried to turn the shaft Not a Hope :lol:


It didn't move at all, grip as I might I had to shove a BIG pair of mole grips on the shaft, grip Motor and then it turned ....but sort of all "Notchy" like :(

A call to Allan Byrne from MM UK 4x4winches.com gave me the answer .....................

The unit I have is an early MM, and yes the drum is not too clever on these early ones,

but its actually completely my fault whats gone on here - the unit is fitted with a 'Low Pressure' Flow Motor for the ZF set up,

and not a High Flow High Pressure motor a la 'Type Rs'.

A chat with Allan, and a explaination as to the motor I have / and its PTO driven and the fact I have nearly 2200+PSI shoved in means I have been running this Motor FAR FAR PAST its maxiumum capabilities, and I have blown the motor big time, prob I would guess bending the shaft, ....and the drum may be as a result of this...

or could be secondary, .....the shaft drive shows the forces involved and I would guess this motor has been getting more and more close to blowing, with internal resistances increasing .........and thus the shaft drive twisting before the motor finally went ENOUGH :( "POP" :lol:

So, not really a MM issue here, more a case of 'idiot abuse' ............................................. Moi :lol:

Thanks to AB at 4x4 winches I have a solution coming to resolve,... a 160 HP Motor Unit and I'll post up more as and when it all comes together.


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Perhaps what you really need is one of these things. Note the rating in the Q&A.

Don't give him ideas!!!!!!! :lol:

Nige, blown motor? Its kind of unreliable this winch of yours - you want to switch over to a nice electric winch. It'd solve all your problems. :ph34r:

Exit stage right before he thumps me :lol:

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No - Not really Will,

The other thing thats occurred to me was earlier when I twisted and ripped the entire rear mounting on a Huge pull, ..............

its maybe possible something got bent internally then, and I just didn't see it ?...and then it was a matter of time to self destruct :( ?

May have a closer look tommorrow :)


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That motor is almost twice as fast for the same given flow, but not quite as powerful. The max torque is quoted in deka Newton Metres and one daNm = 88.507 in Ibs of force......................there fore with a 6:1 gearbox and a drum radius of 1.25 in the max pull is 11894 lbs............. or 5.3 tons. that will be at a pressure of 200 bar ..........

However, the speed appeals to me ............... @ 600 rpm as opposed to 375 rpm ..................so that will be 65ft/min on the 1st layer at full load and 390ft/min in high gear 1:1 ............. :lol:



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There is a tag on it but its wrecked (like the entire winch :lol:)

The Motor is rectangular shaped 2 hole fixing, 6.25 inches overall length from end to mounting face, and has "RS Roller Stator" (Poss made by whites is in my mind ?) cast into the end plate, more than that I don't know. Its an old MM - quite an early one.


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