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More Steering Woes


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After a day spent replacing a steering box and a few other jobs

I go for a test drive to find the leaking steering box has gone but!

it still has tight spots 90degrees either side of straight ahead, requiring the wheel to be straightened as selfcentering doesn't happen.

I'm thinking it is more likley to be the UJ's than one or more ball joint, the old box was removed for this problem along with the developing leak from the drop arm.

any suggestions?

the steering UJ's are approx 2years old the ball joints range from 6months to 2years old the power steering pump less than 6months old, steering damper approx 1year old.

all the above seem to be in ok condition,

I'm going to order some UJ's and change them along with a set of ball joints

I can disconnect the steering damper to check if it is that.

Sugestions/ideas very welcomed

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Yes to the steering damper, but watch your speed :) .

Whilst the box is disconnected it would be wise to check steering column bushes.

As most things have been changed also check for a tight/damaged swivel joint.

This problem is normally caused by a badly adjusted steering box …….. but you seemed to have ruled that out :unsure: .


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Tony, most of your problems are undoubtably caused by the front and rear axles being too close together. They should be 110" apart for best performance. :P

Or, on a more useful note...you could try dousing the steering UJs with WD40 and see if that makes any difference.

Paul :)

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One possibility is that there is wear in the steering box and the screw for backlash adjustment has been tightened down to far.

Although it does sound like the u-joints, because I assume you don't know the history of the steering box, I would back off the backlash adjustment to eliminate it before spending money and time on the other possibilities.

BTW, 100" to 105" gives the best performance :lol:

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Tony, I'd be suprised if its UJs, they should last longer than 2 years but it seems to be a sensible thing to try. One thing I'd look at is the Sumo bar track rod to see if its slightly bent. Its not unheard of and could just be catching on the axle or gaurd bracket.

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See if you didnt look after your truck so well and allowed the engine to spring a few more oil leaks you would have self lube UJ's :D

I know they get more abuse when running large tyres but 2 years is a bit poor though :(

Have you (king of bling/or was it clenlyness) been steam cleaning your engine bay :blink:

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