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now thats big!


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I have a similar box, just the centre section without the two end cabinets. It's a limited edition in blue, stickered up for the rizla Suzuki British Superbike team, came with a pit trolley/toolbox. Cost £2500 plus my old Snap on set up about 3 years ago.

If he thinks he'll get ten grand for that he's having a laugh.

Quality on MAC boxes are **** compared to Snap On, i just couldn't justify the cost for the size of box i needed.

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Hmmm buying a nice rollcab is definatly worth the outlay IMHO being able to see and pickup the tool you need straight away is such a pleasure. No way would i spend 25k on one tho!

Snap on do a nice one called the 'mr big' fnarr fnarr :ph34r: which is basicly a workbench on wheels with drawers underneath, I think thats a good idea if yoiu have a large garage as you can bring your tools/work area with you. Snap ons is friggin expensive tho and i think you could build a better one for the money.


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i don't think £25k is quite right. I hope this link works... Snap On Stupidity check out pages 3/4. or print them off and stick them together. Our Snap On dealer left this flyer on our stores counter and was almost laughed out of the building. about £16k + vat he reckons for the one on pg3/4 :D "Mr Big" is in there too.

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