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Defender CB installation

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I fitted a CB into my Defender recently - first cb - first defender.

This post is pretty basic - and really aimed for any beginner in the same boat I was...

I wanted my Landy to remain a bit low key - so didn't want a whacking great aerial, nor an installation on the dash that wasn't 'factory' looking.

I tried to find a cb small enough to drop down from where the ash tray is - but they are all too long - or to fit in between the cigarette lighter and the rear wiper switch.... but they were too long for that.

So I opted to put it behind the middle seat on the bulkhead and bought an Intek 790 -


with the short Valor 300 rubber aerial - good for 2-3 miles -


and a PSM-1 mount to go on the rear of the roof -


Putting it on the bulkgead gives an easy route for permanent live and for cable run - I think its also a plus that it can't be seen through the front windows. It also lets me keep a standard looking uncluttered dash ..... which perhaps seems to be a minority view!! :D


Down side would be that its a bit harder to adjust on the move - but I picked a cb with channel change and channel lock on the mic. Also when on the lanes where it gets used I set it up in the morning and then all I do is talk into it until I switch it off.

First thing was to mount the cb and run power to it. I took the middle seat out for that - put the cb onto its mount. Put a big piece of masking tape in the right area and offered it up - drew onto the tape through the bracket holes. Then drilled it and secured it with little stainless allen bolts.


On the floor pan behind the middle seat and in front of the bulkhead are two unused blank grommets - so I cut a slice into one to use for the power lead that comes with the CB


Here's the wiring that comes with the CB with the grommet fitted -


Here it is in situ -




sleeved ....


and passed into the battery box through an existing hole ....


connected to the negative terminal (had to stretch the C connector a bit for that) - and the inline fuse from the positive terminal opened ....


all connected up - just the right length straight out of the box...



The aerial I mounted on the flat of the roof - to the right of the back door as you look at it.

The PMS-1 mount has a metal plate that fits on the inside of the body - and I used that as a template on the outside. I again put a big piece of masking tape on, marked one hole, then used a set square resting on the gutter to put a straight line up the tape - and then used the plate again to plot the second hole.

Here is it fitted up from the inside -


all hidden behind the headlining -


Here it is from outside with the small aerial -




the cable shares the clips from the door light switch -


and tucks into the recess below the side panels -


The aerial cable follows that all the way around, fitting through a handy hole to route under the lip on the bulkhead - so its not seen until it drops down behind the cb to plug in.

There was a handy hole I made use of in mounting the mic bracket too.

It surprisingly easy to turn over your shoulder and read the front -



and this is how I have it on the lanes -


decent sized mic to hold too - with the channel and lock buttons easy to get too -


here it is from the side -


and that's it - I'm pleased with it :D

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[edited above to add one last pic]

Thanks for the kind words guys!

The licence was phased out in 2006 iirc - definitely don't need one now anyway.

I have a short springer aerial for it too - it came for next to nothing with the package and I thought if range was ever an issue I could swap it over ...


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I am surprised you don't have difficulty hearing it though in that position in a Defender!


Its actually ok! it has quite a loud and clear sound.

This radio though does have an audio output - so, when I update my radio cassette....., I can wire it to come out of the speakers. I like the idea of that.

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CB licence requirement was revoked in Dec 2006 , so fit & use BUT Please remember OFCOM DO listen so no swearing or other foul language & operate within the guidelines CLICK HERE

this one worth reading too :D

Hi Ralph.

Read those PDFs. Very sensible. CB can be very usfull up here were mobile phones dont always work!! I use it quite a bit. On and off. HI.

Best regards.

Howard (GM0DTU)

Isle of Skye.


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I always fit my Defender VHFs under the dash next to where the handbrake is, doesn't get in the way and is easily visible/usable. Mic hook on the front of the dash means for a quick "yes/no" you can key the mic and speak from the seat without taking it off the hook.

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I always fit my Defender VHFs under the dash next to where the handbrake is, doesn't get in the way and is easily visible/usable.

I did think that was the neatest place at the front - but still not sure about it. No good for me anyway because I have a morse lever to mount on the right of the fuse panel for the hydraulic winch.

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