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Happy Valentines

Hillbilly Raider

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I take the lazy way out, hand the local florist "Hollow Park - Ayr" a wad of cash with a list of what & when & get on the next plane East with a clear conscience :D still don't forget though, a slap on the kisser is always a good reminder :huh:

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OK who has forgot? who needs to be reminded to go to the garage on the way home from work???? :lol::lol::lol:

Thanks for the letter bomb by the way! i didnt know you cared! :P

Well I didn't forget but Jan did, as she did last year and and .........

She seems to manage to remember birthdays and xmas (well that one's easy) no problem but for some reason she never seems to remember valentine's day............. :rolleyes:

Do you think she is trying to tell me something??????? :blink:

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Here's a tip for all the blokes out there who forgot (and it will be blokes). Now that you have realised, send your wife 2 valentines cards - one with your name in, and one without. If she kicks up a fuss that you didn't send her a card in the morning, simply ask her who the other one was from?

Once you want to start sleeping in the double bed again, simply tell her that it was you who sent both cards, because you love her SO VERY much.

There you go - win/win situation.

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