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Track rod end boots

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To be fair TREs arent that expensive for the whole item. I know what I would do ;):D

jcwcooper - I know, but then that's less money for essentials like steering gaurds :P

MOG - they look fine are are solid under serious wiggling, but you make a good point

DaveSIIA & Western :wub: - Ta, I'll be on the phone on Monday.

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Having compared them in the flesh I'm not convinced, but at *cough* 44p *cough* :ph34r: its worth a punt.

Watch this space folks ..

Righty ho, an update. You can get the series boot (part number 214649) to fit a 90/110 track rod end, but there are some important issues. First, the newer model of boot is made of much thinner rubber than the Series part (what a surprise) so it's a fight and a half. The second is that to hold it on once you have wrestled it in to place, it is best to use the metal rings that attach the 90/110 item. A cable tie of the right length is too thick, but I guess a piece of wire neatly twisted tight might do the job.

All in all, having fitted two in an hour (with the usual split time of 50 mins for the first, 10 for the second) I wouldn't bother again!

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We have to allow for the fact that you went for the cheaper option, which may have affected the experience you had.

Mind you, £3.14 v £0.44 (+VAT) means you have to have serious dislike of the blue writing (£7.22 v £1.02 for a pair).

However, although it's only half an answer, at a stall at Newark I saw they were selling un branded TRE style boots in Small, Medium, and Large, so it might be possible to get boots in a more suitable size for big tough Defender :-)

Only half an answer because I didn't note who the seller / stall holder was.


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