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there's a hole in my roof

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my defender is an ex-utility company one and came with an amber beacon fitted to the roof. for several reasons (legal issues, can't fit in car parks) i'm taking it off, but this is going to leave a hole in the roof where it bolted on. its one hollow bolt, probably about 1/2 inch wide.

any ideas how to blank off this hole, preferably easily and cheaply? :-)


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Only do the above if you have a headlining othewise you will find bits of scalp skin hanging from the end of the bolt/nut. I speak from personal experience :)


depends how long the bolt is.

bolt only needs to be 2 threads through the nut & it should be less than the internal rib depth.

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I have about 12 holes in the new roof so I got stainless cap head set screws and neoprene washers to keep the metals apart.

Blimey Tony how bad is the old roof for a new one with 12 holes in to be better? :lol:

My ex-utility 110 roof has a dollop of tarmac on it but I don't recommend that as a method of sealing holes.

Will :)

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go on put an antenna in it you know you want to :) even if its a rubber duck one for the stereo. Or how about a nice shiny gps mouse antenna. Most require a hole to poke the wires through, and it will look like you meant it. :P


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