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Wiring diagram for early-ish 90

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Slight disclaimer here - I know it's not part numbers but it requires some looking up and knowledge of models/years etc. which I don't have.

Basically the current HOFS build is using a 90 bulkhead/dash & main loom (what's left of it) from what I think is an average 1980's 90. There wasn't really enough of the rest of the vehicle to be sure about what's what, I think it *may* have been a factory V8 but not 100% sure.

If anyone has a wiring diagram to suit, or can point me in the direction of how to identify what we're dealing with, it would be much appreciated.

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The "Land Rover 90-110 Defender WSM" thats kicking around the internet is book serial (SLR621ENWM) which covers the V8 engine. I think one of the guys on the forum hosts it on his page, sorry I don't have a bookmark to it.

If you don't get a link sometime today I can email it to you. ;)


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Righty, been doing more tinkering and there's a few bits not covered by the diagram above so I'm hoping people may recognise some of this stuff and be able to help. Previous owner has frigged about with it a bit but things are mostly where the factory put them.

Apologies for being a bit lazy with this but the ferry leaves in ~10 days, it has to run this weekend, and the wiring loom is currently 50 miles away and in bits :lol:

Two gauge illumination wires (RW) connected to an ignition live (W) near the centre of the dash:


Answers on a postcard:


Not sure what Brown/White is, this lot doubles back up to a floating relay:


Floating Relay:


Inline diode?


Empty inline fuse holder:


White/orange and yellow/black aren't on the diagram:


White & LGR:


Super lovely relay arrangement if anyone recognises it:



Spare lighting conenctor?


Purple & purple/blue:


Seemingly unused connector (possibly diesel-only) with glow-plug (brown/red) wire, black, white, and white/black (fuel shutoff?):


Some random chopped green wires, and a green/purple. I think the connector below/right is the heater switch?


Dashboard lights, yellow/black x2 chopped:


A few as yet unidentified wires in the loom, in no particular order:









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Photo 1 - No idea why this is like this. Whats on the end of the white wire??

Photo 2 - that's item 84 on my plan, auxilliary instrument connector (sits behind the middle dash panel)

Photo 3 - Item 7, the engine connector on the left, the 4-pin bit on the right is bodge

Photo 4 - part of the bodge in 3

Photo 5 - no idea - unwrap and multimeter? If its the alternator warning light resistor (12 on diagram) its about 1kohm

Photo 6 - thats where the alternator warning light resistor (12 on diagram) should be

Photo 7 - plugs 40 and 38 or 39 on the diagram

Photo 8 - No idea. LGR is part of the headlamp wash, but it could it be GR? (Indicators :blink: )

Photo 9 - (relays) Aftermarket mods, them are

Photo 10 - ditto

Photo 11 - connector 11 (dim dip nonsense)

Photo 12 - interior lamp (item 44)

Photo 13 - pass.

Photo 14 - former site of the brake light switch (68 on the diagram)

Photo 15 - dash - Yellow/ black is for the choke light (36-65)

Purple/orange - seat belt warning (59-1)

L.Green/red - headlamp wash circuit (99-89)

Purple/blue - Interior light (44-45)

Slate/black - can't find it

Black/slate - split charge circuit (41-102)

Brown/white - can't find it

White/green - can't find it

Black/green - earth line for start relay 71

Numbers refer to wiring diagram pdf, and pairs of numbers are runs between items.

Hope some of that helps?

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Cheers errol, that has certainly identified a few things I hadn't spotted. I now have about 5 different diagrams and I'm not sure the loom matches 100% with any of them :lol: the relays etc. are factory (wiring wise) but it has been hacked about by some enthusiastic soul. Mind you, Kimi cutting the whole lot clean off flush with the bulkhead with an angle grinder hasn't overly helped my job :lol:

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How much electrical equipment are you going to be running on the truck?

Do you plan to run the MS & EDIS as a separate entity, would be a good idea in my book.

What I'm getting at is, if it's only going to be a competition car and will only require lights, wipers, instruments etc. as far as non-engine electrical equipment goes then it may be easier to make a new, simpler, loom, possibly using bits of the old one?

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Photo 1 - As it happens I've just put the ends of those two r/w wires into a junction block at the weekend (to power instrument lights). For a long time they have been unterminated with the exposed male connector unconnected.

Will need to check the truck for other wires but mine had all sorts of unnecessary wires for items such as rear wash/wipe, heated elements, interior lights,... managed to remove most of them :)

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The new stuff (MS&EDIS included) will be going on a separate marine fusebox with its own feed. Unfortunately time is tight so the basics will be gotten working and the rest will be blanked off / pulled out whichever is easier. It's quite painful having to cobble together what will be a bit of an ugly loom, but it's the quickest option.

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