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Hi all, i use a snapon turbo130 mig welder 240v for general at home weldy stuff, I have just converted from the disposable bottles for a 20 kilo argon mix, i purchased new regulators and a flow meter ( ball in a glass tube type)

Question is what should i be running it at ?? i read somewhere 20 litres/minute, But if set at that it sounds more like a air line than a gas bottle, Any tips please ?? Thanks in advance

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Turn it down until it welds poorly, then turn it back up a bit :P

Although not quite technically right, it is sound advice as too much gas can cause the weld to cool which gives much less penetration.

In the workshop I run 10L ………..outside it depends on the wind, anything from 10L – 15L ………….if I need more than 15L then its time to erect a wind break or call it a day !

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