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Vacancy For A New Sticker...


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i think you need to think of a logo / theme / ethos of this place before rushing into a sticker.

i.e. sort out the one at the top of the forum first, then build stickers around it.

i know its not the most favoured forum by some, but ORRP would be a typical example of what i mean....


forum name, plus a little hint of its attitude.

also the header as been around enough to be pretty recognisable


and a lift of the two gives you the www.ORRP.com in the neuropol font which is the basis of the stickers available for the forum now....


just my thoughts thats all.

am i offering to put something together? if you come up with an idea, I can try if you want.

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I finally removed the last sorry reminder from the Rogue Vogue so now I have a vacancy for a new forum sticker. ;)

Any progress with a new one?

I've got /exactly/ the same bin

But mine has empty Stella bottles in it !!

I win Top Trumps Bins :D:D

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Mines full of emnty fag packets, beer cans and a 90 steering column shroud. Does that make me the winner ? :P

Wish I had a digi camera :(


Edited cos I there's too many empty beer cans in the bin.

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Same bin here too. Sad really.

As was mentioned, you need to decide on a header, a logo and a typeface.

After that you can knock out as many as you want.

Might be worth a vote?

Update the banner to make it a little less 'out of the box'? Text is Bolide.


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Not the greatest artwork in the world, but how about something like:


I have been trying to erode the red 'addicted' bit to make it look more like a rubber stamped type effect but have so far been unsuccessful!

anyone with some better graphics software want to give it a go?



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I am not turfing mine two out, first off they are an excellent design, secondly they were hard as hell to get (but thanks Trev) and thirdly these people around here don't know sweet f.a. about LRE's recently demised Forum... :):rolleyes:

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am i offering to put something together? if you come up with an idea, I can try if you want.

Go for it - I'd have a crack myself but I really don't have the time right now, and in any case I'm a techy not a designer, so you wouldn't get anything particularly original.

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You guys need to spend less time in Ikea...

Sad but quite a few bits in my garage are Ikea too :rolleyes:

I am up for a few of whatever gets done.

I suppose you have already thought about putting the addicted in a green oval with appropriate font, or has that been done to death, maybe not different enough.

ADDICTED makes me think of drug users & the connotations, probably not very PC so best not to go that route. Not the most artistically inclined so that's the best I can come up with at the moment.

Drongo - nice but a tad confrontational (I like that) :P

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