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We now have to buy petrol in litres but still measure our distances in miles.

When thinking of fuel eonomy do you think in MPG or KPL o even MPL

I am use to working in SI units but still think in MPG for fuel ecoomy (or not) :P

What do you think in for fuel economy?



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does anyone else find it weird that MPG annd L/100km are different ways of measuring things.

i actually find that miles per gallgon more useful as i only ever want to know how much fuel i will use in a journey- not how many miles i can do with a certain number of litres.

surel km/l would work as a measurement?

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As I work for a German company, I always had the problem of me saying how many mpg I got and the German engineers telling me they get so many litres/100km. I ended up making an Excel table with the conversion rate so I can quickly cross reference!

MPL would be a good route but think MPG is here to stay.

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Litres and kilowobbles are a nasty foreign invention and I don't understand either of them :)

I mean I understand MPG ... 30 is excellent, 20 is bearable, 9 is not all that bright :ph34r:

but 11.5L/100km? Wouldn't have a bluddy clue :unsure:

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