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Ideal for all you Tarts


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More stuff i found in Aus

This paint you paint on the car and then go off roading and then peal off at the end of the day and don't have any scratches



here is more details about it

A revolutionary new "roll on/peel off" plastic skin paint protection has been released onto the Australian automotive market.

Called Scratch Pro AP60, the Australian made product is ideal for use on four wheel drives, commercial vans, trucks and cars, to protect the paintwork from scratching, stone chips, road grime and bird droppings. It also provides UV protection to the paintwork.

Scratch Pro AP60 is an aqua polymer product, meaning that it is a water based polymer which is easily applied using a 100mm roller to the sides, bonnet and sill panels of vehicles. It is applied approximately 1mm thick and will last up to two months before removal.

Scratch Pro AP60 is cost effective, easily applied by the vehicle owner and can be left on the vehicle for up to two months. It is available in a 1 litre container and costs around $60. Alternatively it is available applied to the vehicle, from 4WD outlets for around $150 for large 4WDs such as Landcruiser, Patrol and Pajero

Scratch Pro is a water soluble, liquid applied coating that dries to a clear non-tacky peel-able membrane used for the temporary protection of motor vehicles paintwork. Scratch Pro film is very similar to that of a skin or membrane, allowing the paint surface to out gas while protecting the paint finish. Scratch Pro is also UV resistant and therefore helps prevent UV degradation as well as environmental hazards such as stone chips, branch scratches, road grime and bird droppings.

Ideal for:

Recreational 4WD

Vehicle storage

Prestige vehicle transportation

Trucks and buses

Rental equipment

Scratch Pro Benefits/Facts:

Protects all automotive surfaces

Protection cannot bake on

Protection cannot fall off

Water cannot be trapped behind protection and acid stain paintwork

6 months maximum protection before removal is required

Removal of protection leaves no residue

No chemicals are required for removal

Product is environmentally friendly

Aids in the prevention of stone chips, cuts and scratches

No damage to paintwork caused by friction

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All very well but will it protect against whacking the front bumper against or rock or two or roof scrapes from the multi storey car park at Brighton Marina (found out about the last one whilst leaving my neice's birthday do at the Bowling Alley :(:(:( )

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If you peeled it off carefully and joined the edges up again you could have an inflatable bouncy Landrover.

Brilliant... :hysterical:

Not required here though. Take one's wagon anywhere near a nasty scratchy tree? Perish the thought :ph34r::D

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..... near a nasty scratchy tree?

Yes, saw a very good doco on the Falklands the other night on the ABC in Australia, didn't see any trees, except for some pines in town gardens. Looked for a bogmonster in the background, but no only a few old 110's and a freelander. Did see a penguin.

ABC - Foreign Correspondent



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You been drinking Roger?

Les. :)

I have now.....

Smear some grease on your landrover before applying the film, fasten a tyre valve on and inflate, that way you'll have a protective cushion against bumping into things, and just how pedestrian friendly would that be? an external airbag :)

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