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Bish Bosh


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was wondering myself, it all gone quite on the western front

or he has relised, that V8 is the proper way to offroad :):P

I very much doubt that Bish will have time to log on here as he's been putting some long hours in. I was round his for a few hours last night and today though.. work is progressing steadily.

I'll let Bish update you all when he's got the chance.



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Like a phoenix from the ashes she was reborn.

Well, the TDi is in and running!! :D

She started for the first time this afternoon. Would have been yesterday morning had it not been for a bad earth :ph34r: . I promptly blamed the batteries and put them on charge overnight.

She still wouldn't start today so a quick call to the short person identified (with the help of a multimeter - Yes! I used it myself!) an earth fault. A quick go with the emery paper and she fired up right away.

A few jobs left to do - a custom hydraulic hose for the gearbox oil cooler leaked from new :angry: so I need to get that replaced. Got a spare on for now. Also need to sort out the fuel gauge sender.

[Ashamed mode] Need a new water pump [/ashamed] Skinflint here decided to use the existing pump as an attempt to save money. Of course it leaks out of the weephole. :angry: So thank you to all who said change it, you were all correct and I was wrong. Bugger. :lol:

Oh, and I need an MOT.

All should be well for the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

Big thanks to Chris, Mark, Jonathan and Matt for the help, encouragement :blink: and advice.

I am completely shattered and am off to work tomorrow for a rest!

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hmmm, now I'm confused bishbosh profile says he's from western super mare, but I was in bognor regis on saturday and at about 3pm I saw discovery with "bish bosh 4x4 racing" go across the roundabout in front of me. I commented to the wife that I thought it was someone from the forum.

does bish bosh have a doppleganger, an impersonator or just a weird co-incidence. ????

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does bish bosh have a doppleganger, an impersonator or just a weird co-incidence. ????

probably all of the above :hysterical: , the Discovery he's got has just had it's engine fitted into the bishtail RR, so it wasn't our bishbosh you spotted, he was far to busy weilding spanners :i-m_so_happy:

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I told you my plan would work, take his guide dog's attention away using doggy treats, you leave him to tap around the sills and wheel arches with his white stick and then just 'guide' his writing hand across the certificate.

PS congrats, see you at the weekend!

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Nope, none I'm affraid. Lots of excuses, mostly about heat and time etc.

Besides, there isn't really a lot to photograph - just a 200Tdi in an engine bay.

When I get arround to it I will write down my observations on the job - there are a few annoying suble differences between the Rangie and the Disco that catch you unawares.

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