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Seris 2 Disco challenge truck


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what to build a challenge truck out of a Diso 2 V8

Does anyone know anyone that has bob tailed a s2 disco.

Or got 36 " simex extreme trekers on one

Still to work it out weither to bob tail , try back or pick up

Think s2 disco as the axels are stronger. and for challenges need a V8 (out here) and a bit longer wheel base than the 90's .

it could end up being the weapon of choice. Was going to do a tomcat but because of the truck regestring could be a problem. And they need to be bigger over here

mmm so do you think it would make a good challenge truck

somthing like this but s2 disco


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Ali, the only problems I see are all the extra electrics (ie extra work pulling them out), the radius arms (these are setup to allow better high speed control but loose articulation), CVs (these are pretty weak IIRC but MD do push on rings which help) and stud patterns on the hub (not traditional rover).

I think if you can get a nice, cheap, base spec DII then go for it, be differant. I'd skip the whole bobtailing thing and go straight to traybacking as you'll save a tonne of weight, it'll be easier to get a good finish and won't have bodywork to bend. I'd also make sure you do wing bars; I know what you're like with wings :lol:

I don't really like the back end of the first one, its just something about those arches....

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Have seen many, most (apart from a couple and no pics sorry) looked Dreadful, as per the 2 pics, as it just seemd they had been attcked with a cutter and their was little of the "Oooh that looks nice"

Bit like say the Pickup conversion on a 2 door rangie with a 90 degree cut on the rear of the truck cab roof, vs a nicely done proper "Bobtailed" RR 2 door.

There has to be (IMHO) some thought into the finished design ie prob more visually appealing to have a non 90 degree truck cab and a more "Finished" tray back etc.

Strength wise the tempest axles are strongish as std, shafts still break (mate uses them with Quaiffes inside), and the simexs will require mucho archo modifications

But a good idea as Discos can be cheap to get hol off, how about a rear pranged one maybe ?


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No need i can pick up a 2000-2002 V8 one for about £2000 to £3000

Blimey that is cheap - why are they so cheap?

The D2 axles have standard Rover 2 pin diffs in both ends (mine had a replacement diff when new and the back one makes lots of nice "click and ping" noises now :angry: 4yrs/30k road miles) with all the weaknesses that come with those.

As long as you can get whatever tyres you want in 16" then the standard steel wheels are pretty bombproof looking things. You could even fit some of the 8x18 alloys and fit 37x12.50R18 BFG MT's for a bit of bling, might need a few bodywork adjustments tho B)

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This genaration pic how would it look with the ars lopped off or as a tray

This is not a real truck. It is a truck played with on photoshop. You can see this if you look behind the drivers head you can see the glass of the rear door. Which on the outside is not there

But gives an idea

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This is also a (very poor) photoshop attempt. OK so it is a series one but the outline is not that disimilar. I am in the throws of convincing myself that this will look OK in the flesh before I get the grinder out. Anyone think its worth a go?

go on you know you want to

looks good

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if we are talking Taliban kit try the anti taliban protected vehicle - COUGAR

Cougar 6x6

then watch the news!

M.O.D are buying some of these big Cougar's & improved protection Pinzgauer's for our boys in Afghanistan & Iraq, found it during a lunchtime browse of the Defence intranet site here :i-m_so_happy:

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