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Famous forumeers

Mo Murphy

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I want to buy a copy and get Nick to sign it. It may be worth something one day when he's as (in)famous as Ed Cobley and doing 'stunt' driving at all the shows :ph34r:

Shouldn't that be "stunted" driving ??

I mean - Nick is a little, umm... "vertically challenged" shall we say....?



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There are pics of both Nick Walkers Rangy and Mark90s 90 in this months LRM winch challenge report.


the whole time i owned that 90 never once did i get a pic in a mag,

maybe i should of left it multicoloured :P

or maybe i should of used it more :lol:

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HA. It would appear that me and Steve90 have made the back page of the Abergavenny Chronicle. You wanted famous. Beat that... :-)

Is that about the Walters event?

If so wouldn't mind seeing a copy...

Or is it for another reason that we shouldn't ask about :ph34r:

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Tango's in the mag's again. :lol::lol: that motor must be parked up a lot then ;)

Hi Nick how's it going mate :lol:

I'll get a copy for you to sign.... when i see you in 3 month's :ph34r:

Hello mate will be happy to sign it,perhaps it's me they are taking pictures of because of my good looks :D and the fact that it's not sat on a trailer 15 mins in to the event :lol::lol::lol:

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