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Td5 Warm start concern.....

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Hi all,

I'm relatively new to diseasels and could do with your views.

I have a Td5 with 63,000 miles on the clock. I've owned it for the last 8,000 and it's started first turn cold or hot since I've owned it.

Yesterday I did a little road trip from Cambridge to Exeter and back. (Approx. 450 miles)

Mostly of the journey was cruising at 70 with roverdrive engaged.

We stopped at Leigh Delemare services on the way back for coffee. When I cranked the truck didn't start immediately. Second crank, held the key slightly longer and it "bumbled" into life. It caught and gradually revs increased to normal tickover.

Glad it was running normaly we concluded the journey without further issues.

Today, cold start, glow plug light out, crank and away it went normally. Thought it must have been a one off yesterday so went about my business.

Then, came home to get Tesco 5p off voucher... Switched off to come inside, grabbed wallet and voucher and back out to truck. Turned the key and it didn't fire first time. Cranked again and it caught and ran rough for a part of a second and built to normal tickover.

Drove fine to petrol station. Filled up and again it failed on first crank but caught and ran on second crank.

It's still driving fine once started.

I've connected up to Faultmate and the ECU has no faults registered.

All sensors seem to be working fine, water 85 - 88, Air 16 degrees etc. Only thing that looked slightly weird was fuel registering at 55 degrees...

Anything I should be looking at that springs to mind?

Thanks in advance.


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I've known a few like that, just a thing with diesels starting when hot. Usually because the engine management system doesnt use the glowplugs when hot. If it's not showing any faults i wouldn't worry.

The only other thing that causes poor starting on TD5's is the injector seals but that usually shows worse when the engine is cold. You'd also expect to see a bit of diesel in the oil.

I would say it's probably nothing to worry about and the fuel temp is normal, a result of the fuel rail being in the head (theres a fuel cooler on the right hand side of the engine)

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If you hear any odd gurgling/swooshing/whining noises from the fuel-pump before you start the engine - do the standard TD5 "fuel-system-prime" process a couple of times before trying to start it.

[Air/combustion-gases or other 'trapped wind' in the fuel system will prevent a clean start].

And get the injector copper-washers checked. It's a *lot* cheaper than having to drop the fuel-tank and pay out £300+ for a new fuel-pump. Leaky injector-seals don't do the fuel pump any good at all.

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There are three reasons for this problem , I have to battle until find them. I had exactly the same problem you have. I live in a 35-40 celsius zone in a good day, so we don't have cold starts in here, and the problem could be localized when the car started to be hard to start after working days and parked. Problem here was the smallest up hill inclination made it a hell to fire. After a lot of changes (seals of injectors, pump and a lot of cables and fuses), we found the problem was the little bleeding valve in the filter case..... a GBP 12 gizmo.... since there, my car starts really smoothly and quickly at morning....and noon, and midnight,,,,, wahtever...

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Thanks for the ideas... Last tank (Journey home) was from Esso. I usually use Esso near home if Im not getting 5p of a litre at Tesco...

Fuel filter changed approx. 1,000 miles ago... Was Sh*tepart but now Fram.

Was changed because fuel pump was very noisy. Now quiet / similar to others I've heard.

I've got oil finding it's way to the ECU but have done Si's suggestion of Vaseline. I was going to replace the injector loom in January so maybe I'll do the injector seals and copper washers as well while the top is off.

I'll check all connections next time I see the truck in daylight.

This morning it started first time. This evening I started the truck immediately after stopping it. Fired on the first turn.

After an hour it also started first time. Will see how things go for the rest of the week an report anything I think worthy of note in here.

(I'll also keep an eye on oil level....)

"the problem was the little bleeding valve in the filter case"

It this the little screw in valve in the bottom of the fuel filter or elsewhere???

Anything else??


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Another option for intermittent starting & running issues is the Manifold Air Flow sensor. They get 'sticky' and sometimes mis read - which confuses the ECU. Then other times it is fine.

Mine is on its way out and is often hard to start when the engine is hot but the air temperature is low. It always does though! The other symptom is after starting wi a warm engine, it having no power. If you drive it for a few seconds at low throttle, it clears and runs fine after that. Again it's more common in cold weather.


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