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One of the best Biatches..


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... is coming out of retirement.

He is looking for a regular passenger seat in a motor with someone who isn't a pot hunter, doesn't suffer from 'red mist' and does what he is told.

Ex MRFC before it became so easy that Andy could do it :lol:

Ex LRE Instructor, Survival instructor, PTI, water spaniel/mud puppy and fitter than the fittest butchers dog

Based near Calne in Wilts.

Anyone interested let me know

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Just spoken to darren-

he can't seem to use a computer at the moment- it doesn't involve muddy things so he's a bit los.

however he did want to say thanks for all the kind words and he's hoping to find a driver who's not a complete muppet- that's all of us out then!

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