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Silencers. Petrol and/or Diesel


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I am in the process of cobbling together en exhaust system ATM, and am trying to find out if there is likely to be any sort of problems in running a petrol engine though a diesel exhaust system, and vice versa.

Likely to be detrimental in some way possibly ? Backfire, Backpressure, not last long ?

I can find stuff on various forums on the net, but I get the impression that there is no conclusive answers or people are just guessing.

Anyone got any thoughts on this ?

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I had a stainless exhaust made by Longlife. I picked the silencer off the shelf and discussed it with the chap who never mentioned that there were diesel / petrol silencers..

Obviously Cats / DPF's are very different but not plain silencers / pipe.

For a more definitive answer, I'd give your local Longlife approved agent a call.

The one in Peterhead did a lovely job by the way!

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Deisel engines (mine is a 300TDi) dont produce the acid vapour that petrol engines do so with a deisel engine stainless is an unnessersary expense, mine is 3" mandril formed, no centre muffler and its well below the noise limit with a straight through rear muffler and most importantly it stays cool, the last thing you want in the Australian bush with very dry grass is to start a fire.

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I have done this plenty times, in the 80's because no body took interest in diesel engines then, the VW's were also a very similar out lay so lots of the petrol and diesel stuff were fairly similar, so I would with great success fit petrol branches/extractors and free flow exhausts to diesels and they would run perfectly. This will not work if you have a DPF fitted to the vehicle.

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Non stainless exhausts on diesels in the UK rot away pretty quickly Iain, no doubt due to the damper climate and the shorter journeys we do. Oh and salt in the winter won't be helping.

I don't think that salt has much effect on exhausts (unlike chassis etc), most exhausts rot from the inside out!

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