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Heated seat switch location

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Where have people got their heated seat switches mounted?

I've got the Waeco kit, with the little round ( ~15mm?) switches. I can't decide if I want to put the switches in the front panel of the cubby, or in the centre console.

In either location I would probably extend the wires. (either to reach the centre console or so I can add a plug for removing the cubby.

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I used Carling Tech switches to match the other accessory switches on the Mudstuff dash console. Otherwise, I'd have fitted those small switches on the front slope of the cubby box. That makes removal of the cubby harder unless you use a harness plug fitting at a suitable joint or have plenty of excess length in the wiring, but makes operation much easier and looks neat. The centre dash on a post 2002 model or on the edge of the upper fascia, aft of the ash tray on an earlier model would also be a good place for ease of use without the worry of complicating cubby box removal.

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i have mine in cubby box in the cup holder area which has recently been modified for cubby box removal.

along with switches for x lites on roof.

modified box by doing away with 2 screws that hide under cup holder for removal and putting a third one inside opening section of box and screwing cup holder permenantly down into box to save disturbing wiring and then added a strip of connectors on rear of cubby box so all i do is undo three screws, row of wires and lift box out.

because i hate wiring i labelled all wired with cheap tags starting at driver seat, one to 9 or whatever but didnt do in order of wires, more like which pin they slid onto so i think mine go one, threee, four, five etc so its pin numbers you go by.

works really well and mounted the two relays for seats under the cubby box to keep tidy with just fuse holders visisble in case needed.

can pop up pictures in a while once i go charge phone for camera.

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Ross, Surely you can make up your own mind where you need to put them? :P

Not everyone will put them exactly where you think you should put them?


Always worth asking incase someone has come up with a genius idea that I hadn't thought of! Or they might have put it in one of my possible places as despised it!

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The cubby panel. The carlings are now a complete row of 7 with no gap in the middle. 12v sockets may or may not be going over to the new panel.


Old heated seat switches are going either way. If I fit leccy windows the switches might go bottom L and R. Stereo won't be staying there, but going up in the roof.

All this will be going onto a new panel.

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I've been pondering where to locate mine. I didn't think that carling did a off-on-on switch that would marry up with the switches supplied - I've room for them in the raptor dash.

Tempted to put the switches on the fuse cover as above. However I like the thought of putting them on the front of the cubby box.

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Have considered that but am now tempted mounting the supplied switches with an additional 12v outlet (potentially usb) in the front of the cubby box. This would be the cheapest option and would only require a few holes drilling. I have a spare 12v outlet and power from the leisure battery is close by.

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