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My running hot problem

Exmoor Beast

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You may recall a week or so ago i mentioned my 110 was running hot under heavy load on long climbs.

After a bit of thought it suddenly dawned on me that the snorkel wasn't attached and the air intake was coming from inside the engine bay. I wonder.... thinks I, heavy load=high exhaust temp....

so I dived under the Series Threes bonnet and swiped the elephants trunk from the airbox and re-attached the 110s snorkel.

Next day, 2000 cakes in the trailer + all my tools and work gubbins in the 110, set off to Wiltshire. Absolutely no sign of running hot. Problem solved! Looks like the rad is OK after all. :)

Will :)

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Sorry Will, I do not believe that was the cause of it either. You should get slightly better performance now though as the inlet charge is cooler so there is more oxygen per cylinderful. :)

When mine was running hot on the motorway it turned out to be because all the fins on the inside of the radiator had corroded away. This was not visible with the rad on the car, only once removed.


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Hmm, no reason why intake air temp would effect engine temp.

Do oil burners overheat if they run lean, like god-fueled vehicles?

(no snorkel = more air = lean)

No, the other way around, on a diesel too rich = increased EGT

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No - lean running gives high temps in petrols because the nasty volatile fuel can't quench the cylinder temperatures, absorbing energy as it evaporates.

Agreed………. but the main contributor to a lean ‘real’ engine running hot is the lack of power due to the lean mixture and the engine working considerably harder, thus producing noticeably more heat.

Yes, diesels are different …….. they are the work of demons. :P


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surely running with hot air would = lower performance due to the lower amount of oxygen & that would cause the engine to work harder to do the same job, which would make it run hotter?

it sounds like a good reason for it to run hot to me tbh.

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