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Upside down welding.


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Has anyone here got any special tips to offer up to try to get this going better, I have been practicing but I tell ya, if anything I seem to be getting worse not better at it!

Is is wire speed? Amps? Am I not using the correct technique?

been looking for a vid or two on the tube but all I can say is that if I need to do just a couple of passes once in a while it looks ace, but if I need to do a fair but like today on a mates truck I can't weld for the life of me upside down, vertical no problem horizontal no problem but upside down today just is not working and getting tired of the burns too!!

Help me out fellas :unsure:

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...and a clean weld joint - rust and/or paint will make it a lot harder . I find turning the power and wire speed down

and going slower makes it easier and if necessary weaving more to get the right size weld

..whatever you do overhead on vehicle's is always a pain , earplugs and lots of PPE and room to get out of the way

of hot droplets should they happen



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It was a couple of patches on the sills the same as I did on Rusty last week and it turned out ok but today it was like pigeon droppings, looked like my chickens had been under there with a case of the squits :o

I did put the opposite side up on ramps to get it easier but not really a great help.

I needed to be confident of weld strength which is why I kind of left the amps high, prep was good and area was cut out and flapped back with 40 grit sandy discs, new plate was sanded back and wiped with acetone to remove grease, sorry but no pics as still can't find the camera, just wondering what else I could have done :unsure:

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Were you plugged into a long ext lead? as voltage drop can be significant with a welder



Oh dear :blush:

My big lead was busy with the water pumps after the flooding on Christmas day and I only had to hand the medium lead, it's heavy enough for most things but the welder is a mighty beast and hungry for current!!!

When the waters have receded a bit more I will do a few more test pieces on the side of the bench to see what differences are.

Just for those that are wondering what I mean, this is what I was greeted by on Christmas morning in my barn.

Yes that is water in front and all around my straw stocks :o
OK lets see how bad it is else where, open up the back barn doors.....
Oh FFS!!!!! But my new barn doors look good that I made last week :)
Right now to take SWMBO to work....
Yes that will be the road outside my house flooded :(
What a bad start to Christmas day, thank god it got better :D
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I have had a bit of time experiment, in the end of my tests I found the only way I could achieve consistent results was to change over to Argoshield gas(I always run CO2) turn amps down and the wire feed too, I am finding it a bit of a learning curve again but it really has improved, ssuppose everydays a school day ;)

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When I was at college, I blagged a few lunch time welding courses with one of the mech eng tutors (I wasn't on a course that included welding).

I already had a cheapy MIG that I'd tried upside down work with, and not managed great results. The college MIG plant was a decent pro grade unit, and made beautiful welds whatever way up they were. This without any adjustments.

The tutor did make a point that the better the machine, the better it welded, any way up.

Good clean parts to be joined will help achieve a better weld, as will good access, good lighting and a good welding set. Oh and plenty of practice with YOUR welder, so you just know what speed for what power setting works best.

I have always used Argon/CO2 mix (Argoshield type) gasses, not tried plain CO2.

Oh and try not to weld outside on a windy day, :lol:

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