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'Custom' Fuel Tank

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Can anyone recommend somewhere who can fabricate me a fuel tank for my Disco bobtail? I want to mount the tank on the back in a secure frame, so it doesn't need to be anything flash - just an oblong type shape, and I don't care what it's made from. It's for diesel incidentally.

Thanks in advance,


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Replacement Series 1 tank was used by the trials guy's as it has bolts at the bottom and is sturdy with a cap on the tank unlike Series 2/3 which has a neck. Also it takes LR fittings.


I need a new tank for my 80" but they are fetching top money.

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As an aside, I'm looking at Tek-Tanks for a couple of marine diesel tanks made to fit the boat's engine bay. Any further comments on them?

I used them for the 80 liter water tank on the 130 and they were superb, another friend got them to build a custome tank for his 90 with baffles and fittings all really good and excellant quality.

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