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Custom Prop-shafts


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Hello everybody,I need two non standard prop shafts for my lt77 into 88'' 2a project.

Does anyone know a firm that would make props to order,or modify ones that I could supply?

I am in gloucestershire,so somewhere in the south west or west midlands would be best.

What about chopping them myself?Or do they really need balancing? - used on road every day.

By the way,this is what I need -

front - 775 mm flange to flange (ooh err missus !)

back - 425mm

that is measured in the 'at rest' - vehicle on flat ground position.

Just got back from measuring every prop at sodbury,so i dont think anything standard will do.

any suggestions welcome.

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I have done mine and others in the past, not maybe as good as prof made but did the jobbie

Basically measure flange to flange

You then need to have the prop so the slider joint is halfway with this measurement.

Scarpe a line along the prop for alignment (ie whiz an angle grinder alonmg the prop from U?j backwards.

Then cut around the tube just behind the weld on the U/J, and you'll find the tube comes away as it is almost a press fit.

Then shorten the tube, line up the marks, and tap back on so the right length, then weld up



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That's 4 of us on here from Stroud now......and I've only seen one of them apart from myself in the mirror (which is not a pretty sight :D ).... :unsure: .

Where you all hiding Eh...! :lol:

The Propshaft clinic is the place I use, as in www. etc .co.uk

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Iv'e just had a prop made and from what I gather, commercial prop makers just buy the ends and a 4m length of tube. then cut them to size and weld em up & balance. So I can't see why any prop maker wouldn't do one to your specific sizes.


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propshaft clinic in bradford

bespoke props made.

you need to measure flange to flange with suspension fully compressed and fully extended, pass this info to them and they'll build you one at reasonable cost.


Yeah, I use these guys for propshafts. They're well priced, have a fast turn arround and the quality's great.

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Will do you need that fast turnaround?

Both my props are custom. I just bought 110 rear props, did pretty much what nigel says, except cut them in the middle, clamped each half in a bit of angle and welded the two together. The angle (if chunky enough) will stop the weld pulling.

They have been plenty strong enough - and my welding aint that fab!

If the amount of weld is fairly consistant around the circumference - it will not throw the balance off.


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I did the same conversion when I had my Series , LT77 box in.

From memory I had to cut a clearance channel in the the crossmember to allow for suspension travel , and had two props made up by Nigel at H.J.Chard propshaft service , on the Feeder road in Bristol , where he did a superb job of making two new props and I think they cost about £200 for both , but that was 8 years ago.

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