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Pacet or Kenlowe??

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Whilst playing on some local Green Lanes last weekend I noticed the 110 temp needle moved just off centre indicating a touch warmer than I would have expected while trickling along at low speeds.... (V8 3.5 ltr - Standard fixtures and fittings...)

I don't do any serious off road work like the winch challenges or submerge the 110 beyond axle depth...

I've got two un-named brand electric fans pulling air through but I want to make sure that whatever is there is providing efficient and adequate cooling without forward momentum assisitng with the flow of air.....

I've seen in the forums a lot of people talking about Mondeo V6 fans etc. but can't find anything similar in the local breakers around here.

Therefore I'm considering upgrading these fans for something hopefully much better for the job.....

I've read about Pacet and Kenlowe fans.. Much of a muchness on paper...

I like the idea of being able to set the temp at which each fan cuts in but it's not essential as I can always rig up a switch to override and bring the fans in at lower temps if needed.

I'm aiming to ensure longevity of the engine and don't want something that can be prevented to spoil years of potential motoring...

Can you offer some recommendations please.

(Please include ease of fitting if you have personal experience.)

Thanks in advance


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If you have to use branded fans then Spal are better than either Pacet or Kenlowe IMHO, someone posted a link to a cheap supplier on ebay recently. Use with one of SimonR's X-eng fan switches and roberts your fathers brother :)

Alternatively if you work on a budget of zero, like me, then you cant beat scrapyard bargains as Tonk has said. Mondeo V6 fans fit nice and come with a cowl thats almost the same size as the V8 rad, or if you have a tdi then Renault Megan fan & cowl is spot on


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I have had both, the Hybrid had Pacets, and the Kenlowes I have now.

The main attraction of the pair of 13" kenlowes were the free label attched to them. :)

But, I would honestly say nothing in them much, at a push I would say that the kenlowes shift more air BUT it depends on if you are going to have pullers or pushers.

The pacet have the proper jobbies, ie Fan blades dependant on which way they are to be mounted, Kenlowes do not, they ONLY do the blade type that reall should sit on the grill side of the radiator and push through the air through the rad, Kenlowes have a HUGE bodge system to make their fans pullers, and sadly I do not think it works very well.

HTH helps

Scorpio Fords have external pushers that are VVV Good too :)


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hello, i've been looking for posts on this subject but most seem to be about defenders. is it a worthwhile/easy mod on a disco and could two fans be squeezed in or would it just be one 12" or maybe room for a 15" fan. i've seen some cheap rover fans on eblag and new spall fans which look good and not too pricey and a link to xengs switch. famous four do a kenlowe kit, all you need for the job for around 120 quid +vat, but there seems to be a bit of a debate about which is best. any help please. :D DD oops, i seem to have strayed over the central reservation into oncoming defenders, could've sworn i was in the disco lane. sorry chaps :blush: must be time for my medication!

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There are a few post in the archives from Nige, JST etc

I am in the middle of trying to sort this at the moment on the hybrid (3.5V8 auto)!!

I have gone down the mondeo twin route so far, the cowl fits the rad frame well, had to trim the cowl down a bit, to gain some more clearance for the water pump nose !

All I have to do now is sort the wiring ! any tips appreciated !! :unsure: read somewhere these are 2 stage fans !!

Thinking 3 way switch ? all off,, auto via one of Si kits ?? and all on

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Tim, this is how I wired my twin Mundeo fans using one of Si's switches (T1 and T2 are the twin temp switch)


Features it has...

on/off/temp controlled switch for each individual fan, giving complete control

overide off switch for wading, which also switches on two flasing LED's on the dash (just one light shown on wiring diagram)

lights to tell me the temp switch has activated and the fan should be on

lights to tell me the fans are on, or at least the relays have activated (I can usually hear the fans sucking small childern through the grill :lol: )

power feeds are ignition switched or permanent to allow temperature switching of fans even with ignotion off (just to annoy Chris Watts when they keep going after engine is switched off :lol: ) but I can't leave them running in the 'on' position with ignition off.

I have tried to keep the two fans as idependant as possible to elimiate single failure points, each has it's own fused feed etc.

You could simplify the circuit if you didn't want so many lights/switches.

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Just be warned bout pacet! I know of at least 5 that have destroyed themselves and in two cases the rad! this was due to mud sticking to the blades, the pacet fan has no outer ring connecting the blades together. so, becomes very unbalanced very quickly with 'spensive concequences.

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