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OT : small ideas for my time capsule

Ian Barrett

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Hi all,

Tomorrow the concrete is poured for my new garage floor.

Before it goes down it has always been my plan to put bury a jar underneath as a small time capsule for someone in the future.

I've written a bit about my life and my family, and a bit about what is in the news now, and will put some photos in there too but I'd like to put something in there which might be interesting when the new owner finds it in god knows how many years.

Any ideas for something small. I was thinking about a memory stick but I'd be certain if they ever life the concrete slab my garage will be on they won't be able to read USB or probably not know what the hell it is.

Have you any other ideas for something small enough to go in a jar that won't rot or damage the paper my story is written on.

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Nice idea!

If the jar is air tight then paper should be fine. It'd probably be fine anyway. To be doubly sure you could have it laminated. RE the USB;, even if civilisation (use that term generously :D ) had moved on to a point where binary code was forgotten, it wouldn't be too difficult to figure out. If a technological regression had happened then you'd be gifting the future with an advancement :)

The whole point is a snapshot of what life was like in your time so in that vein the USB is the proper representation of technology available to the average person today.

Are you putting the jar in the concrete or under it?

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Great idea about the Landy photo.

I have a photo somewhere of the Landy parked on the lawn which would have been there before the garage was built - that might be interesting for them.

And if I put a USB stick in there I can plonk loads of photos on it.

Its going in the hardcore under the concrete. So I expect it to be there at least 50 years.

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In 50 years or more it will not be possible to read USB sticks easily, but will require specialist help. I expect some one digging up your floor will find it, wonder what it is, and fling it in the skip. Whereas paper items can be read by any one, even, one hopes, in 50 years time.

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Well the capsule is ready but not yet buried. Well, when I say capsule it's a Millicano coffee tin.

I've put the lDear Finder letter in it.

Photos of me and Mrs B, the house and the cars and especially the Landy.

And some coins - £1, 20p, 10p and 5p - which are all dated 2014.

Good shout about the miniature scotch. I don't think we have anything in the house but I may shoot off to the supermarket and get one.

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  • Local newspaper
  • Photo of the house / street from google streetview
  • Map of the town
  • USB stick or SD card might not be readable (although someone probably would be able to figure it out) but it would at least be an interesting artefact to the lizard overlords from the future.
  • Packet of plant seeds

I've just had a load of concrete laid and all I put in was a mount for a security post :rolleyes:

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