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series 3 SWB bulkhead removal bar


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Can't you look at Defender bars, the body is very similar?

If they don't fit / can't be made to fit (be supprised) then it would be a good thing to copy?

Find a vehicle with them first to see if the fitting is the same before buying?


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I have raised this on several forums and although people tell me it is done I have yet to see it "in the metal".

This is the one I have fitted to the Mrs. her Ninety.


I have another RBRB, from P&P, awaiting fitment to our Series Hybid, but that is not as easy as it looks because the Hybrid has a full roll cage and being a SWB, the fuel filler is also a bit in the way..

Looking forward to see what our respected LR4x4 members have to say..

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They won't fit. 90s, 109s and 110s all have a ledge between the front of the tub and the bulkhead, level with the top of the seat base. 88 bulkheads are at the front edge of the tub and are closer to the door spaces at their top too.

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You could try talking to this guy?



He has fitted/modded an Evans (Prtotection&Performance) bar to fit a 109.


OK more info from Nick's page.

A question was asked about using the P&P bar for an 88 and this is his reply:

Sorry, but no, it’s not possible. The P&P bar needs the fully sloped bulkhead and “shelf” behind the seat base that 90s, 109s and 110s have.

The removal bar from http://www.mudstuff.co.uk should work, though. It leaves the bottom half of the bulkhead in place, but removes a large part of the upper half to allow more seat recline. It’s an easier fit and has the advantage of leaving the lower bulkhead as a load protector and securing location for wheel braces, jacks, etc…

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You could try talking to this guy?

People look at me funny when I talk to myself. ;)

Like I said there, and above, the tubular bars won't fit an 88. The Mudstuff ones will, but you still have the lower bulkhead preventing the seats sliding back and restricting the recline.

As mentioned in another thread, modifying the tub to have a front end like 109, 90 or 110 would be a great deal of work. In all honesty, I can't see it being worth the effort, so the Mudstuff bulkhead removal kit is the best option.

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"The MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar will fit Land Rover Defender models from 1983 onwards. Due to the differences in bulkhead profiles, the Bulkhead Removal Bar will not fit Series Land Rovers."

Back to the drawing board it seems...

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The problem will be the bend in the bulkhead. On the 88, the crease between the vertical and sloping sections is much higher up than on the others. The Mudstuff kit is two dimensional - it sits above the fold on the 90/109/110 bulkheads. I would think you could make it fit an 88 by cutting a V on each side section of the kit as the bulkhead fold position to allow the uprights to fold back too, welding the joints of the notch to retain the strength. It won't help with sliding the seat base back - the wheel arches and bottom of the bulkhead will still be there, but it may allow the seat to be reclined. You'd need something like Defender seats to do that - Series seats are supported by the bukhead.

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I cut out my bulkhead on my S2a 17 years ago and replaced it with...NOTHING!!!

It's a Soft-top too and nothing has moved,the doors still shut fine.

So......My answer is.....Don't waste your time fitting/fabricating one!

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Waay too many moons ago, I cut out the rear bulkhead of the 109" we had and can't remember having any issues with body flex or opening doors..

However, the Ninety did not respond well to cutting it out so we fitted the RBRB and the problem was solved.

The Series is caged and I'm not sure if there is outwards tension on the legs...

Food for thought.

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I cut the bulkhead at the sides, cut a wedge out of the wheel boxes and folded the bulkhead backwards. and straigthened the existing fold and cover the holes with aluminium sheet. Nearly 3" more legroom this way. I dont want to remove the bulkhead, it only means garbage in the back is going to find its way forward if you brake hard or crash.

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Interesting idea Daan.

Could you make some pics please - I'm not 100 % sure I understand it correctly.

Don't mind cutting the bulkhead - what did you do with the fuel filler ?

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I think i get it.

Cut straight down at the very side, down past the wheel box. Steel, alu and everything. Both sides. Bulkhead is now floppy.

From the back cut the wheel box from the corner at the bulkhead up at an angle to where the new position will be. Remove surplus.

Fold the whole bulkhead back to the new wheelbox position and reattach. Patch any holes with random pieces of alu. Very in keeping with the original design process. You could even reattach the steel bar further back 109 style, if feeling energetic and pretty.


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I managed to get some pictures:

my current setup is a bit different from a standard 88, because I use a 90 tank, so I had to remake the filler pipe. But I had the bulhead mod done on my original 88" with the original tank as well, so it can be done.

Have a look at the pics:








Last picture shows the footwell extension; this pushes the pedals 40 mm forward. If you were to replace the footwelss (like I did), this would add little extra work.
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Hi Guys,


I am thinking about doing the above and was doing a little research and found this thread. I actually have a hybrid and I am not 100% sure which series/90/defender body has been put on. From above it appears to make a difference if I want to remove the bulkhead. So, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify which one I have. Could someone advise what are the different widths for the different variations?

I suppose it is dependent on your replies but which version is the best, the muduk or the tubular version?

MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar image.jpeg.6d0f133f79cce91e94f58f996c282df7.jpeg

Thanks in advance.


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