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6 wheeler

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I wish to create a 6 wheeler.

For simplicity, cost, and the fact that I do not need 6x6, it will be a 6x4 setup.

Before anyone asks what use the vehicle will have, I will jump straight in and say it's main purpose will be nothing other than to get me to and from work.

Why does he want a 6 wheeler someone asks? For no other reason than I have always wanted one.

At this first stage of research I would appreciate any advice as to which model(s) would serve best to use as donor vehicles.

All advice appreciated, but particularly from anyone with experience in creating 6 wheelers.

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I'd start with a 110 chassis rather than a 90 or 130. 90 gets you too short, 130 too long. Also decide on your tyre size early, so you don't get the rear axle too close together.

6-wheelers that don't have lifting axles do tend to scrub tyres. As it's a 6x4, you could have a lifting axle.

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A friend of mine ran a 109 with a pair of Indispension units for the third pair of wheels. Not withstanding all the many times the damned thing needed dragging round the mid Wales lanes we had a lot of fun watching it get cross axled on mini roundabouts :-)

Anyway, the reason for mentioning it is the indispension units were a lot lighter than a drag axle setup and to be honest a lot easier to mount.

He didn't build it. it was made by some motoring Journo from International Off Roader who lived in Rochdale or somewhere up there and if your interested I think I've got some pics somewhere.

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The big question is do you want coil or leaf suspension?

Twin steering axles are doable, but add a bit more complication to the setup.

Do you want to have load sharing rear axles?

Making the springs too hard at the back will make something bloody awful to drive.

The other big consideration is aesthetics, getting the axle spacing right, the arches over the rear axles, body style, even wheel and tyre choice to get right.

If I was going to do it myself, I'd consider a 100" gap between the front two axles and style it from there.

Get any of that wrong and it will look awful, and you could well find yourself with something hideous, and indeed useless, something like the 'Monster Tuning' 8x8 Defender, which can only be described as an abortion.

All power too you for wanting to have a go, and I'll watch with interest as to how it develops, and maybe even offer considered opinion.

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Not that this helps the op. But I seriously couldn't drive a 6x4. Ok if it's built purely to haul heavier loads, then that's fine. But having an "all wheel drive" vehicle that doesn't drive all the wheels, well it just wouldn't sit right with me. Seems like a lot of work for no gain at all.

Op, I guess it depends on how much fabrication work you want to do yourself and how much work to get an IVA should it need it.

If you aren't into making something yourself, then you might as well keep an eye out and buy an existing 6 wheel vehicle or Land Rover, regardless of if it's 6x6 or 6x4. They crop up from time to time.

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You could stick some ply ones on like the tractor on Mablethorpe beach that looks like a train. :hysterical:

What body do you want?

What spring are you going to use as then need to be half the weight ish per axle or standard on the driven axle and very light on the fake axle unless your planning on making it a load carrier, but then you'd need to strengthen everything else, and if you go over 3500kg your into commercial test and plating and whatever.

How will you replumb the brakes and balance it all?

I wouldn't go to the extent of a steering middle axle, after all 6 wheels tippers etc don't, they just accept the wear, but I would make it a decent length vehicle personally.

What about electric in the fake axle for extra drive when offroading, it wouldn't need to be fast then as it could freewheel on road ;)

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1. You will need to get it thru SVA as you will be modifying the chassis .

2. Tyre wear on axle three is horrendous

3. Fuel consumption increases quite a bit as well

4. Finding the correct brake master cylinder will be difficult .

5. They are worse off road than a 4x4 if only 6x4

6. The cheapest way to get a 6x4 is buy a tacr2a post-5207-0-90715900-1448304127_thumb.jpg

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