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Discovery 3 swingaway spare wheel carrier


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In the August issue of LRO there is an expedition modified Discovery 3 with a swingaway spare wheel carrier. Does anybody know who makes this? I tried the company mentioned in the article (www.geoland.be) but their website is all in Belgian and I can't see any pictures of wheel carriers on the page... anyway I really need a supplier in the UK.

Any ideas folks? Land Rover don't make one and I guess they won't as that would be admitting it was a dumb idea to put it under the back end in the first place :rolleyes:

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I'll try one of them, thanks :)

Speak to John Jennings (JJ) at Frogs Island who's Nick's son. I know him well and he'll should be able to help. A huge amount of Frogs Islands work is doing expedition work so they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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As you say ARB are the boys for them

This is an ARB front bumper and i pretty sure they do rear ones with the wheel carrier. Main reason is they tend tyo put the second tank where the tyre goes so need somewhere else for it to go

Go Here

This is the front one


Have asked waitng for a reply

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Matzker Racing in Germany also make a really nice swingout carrier for the LR3. I think Overland Expedition Company in UK are selling their stuff.

They had it on display at Billing earlier this year. Amerdaus Matzker was there showing it off. Very nice bit of kit and closer to the UK for reduced shipping etc.

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D4x4 are UK agents for Matzker stuff. Warning: Verrrrry Expensive.

Kaymar bumper good piece of kit, but again, expensive. Also, Kaymar's wet weather product testing is clearly done in the Aussie outback. Don't expect it to look good for very long in your part of the world! Mate of mine in Wales has one on his Toyota LC and it looks like s**t!

Both Frogs and Outback Import are agents for Kaymar. Could be that Frogs get's its bumpers from Outback Import since Outback Import tends to have a lot of the European distributor rights on various Aussie products sewn up.


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