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4.0 V8 + R380 gearbox

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Does anyone knows if you can fit a Range Rover 4.0V8 to a Defender 300Tdi R380 gearbox?

if it is possible were can I find adaptor plates and clutches for this set-up?

many thanks for the information!



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I looked into this ages ago, the input shaft is about the right length to use with a 300-series (ie R380) Discovery V8 bellhousing, but the spigot bearing on the TDI is larger, so you'll need to lash something up like a very thin bronze bush.

Ideally you'd have the box rebuilt with the V8 pinion shaft, but ofcourse thats quite expensive.

Standard clutch i believe should work fine from memory.

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When I put a R380 from a tdi behind a V8 Ashcroft changed the input shaft for the princely sum of £75.

As previously mentioned there is a standard Land Rover bell housing that will do the job of mating a V8 to the R380

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Ok thanks for the update!

You use a V8 flywheel from a manual V8?

yes, the flywheel from pretty much any manual V8 will do the job. I have no idea which type I have fitted at the moment, it came from a scrapyard for a couple of pounds

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I am interested in converting my auto chaser to manual. Has anyone done a 6-speed conversion with a supra gearbox?

I think you have the wrong forum old chap - this isn't a Toyota car forum...

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