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Embarrassing or what?


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Yes, I would say it's more a silver shade than grey myself.

More money than sense, can't even say it's a political statement when no one knows why they did it. What with this and all these videos of gangs beating up kids on social media it seems the youts of today are at a loss with what to do with their time. It does lead one to agree with those who would welcome the return of national service and capital punishment ;) 

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Presumably the police have an idea of who 42 crew is or maybe they can trace the computer/phone from whence the image was uploaded?


I remember when I was looking for a 300 tdi to fit to my truck. The number on offer without engine numbers was ridiculous. Sad to say that the thieves have a market for this stuff and it is owners of Land Rovers. Sorry but if you buy an engine without a number you know you are buying stolen goods and have no grounds for complaint if somebody subsequently nicks your vehicle

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