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anybody with a Type R Camera and tape measure ?


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If so could you please

Measure the Motor, length from the rest of the winch and width and depth.

Is there any spacer / adapter betwween the motor and the winch unit itself ?

also if you can see the cc of the pump please advise ?

Also take a pic of same.. and post up

Would be mucho appreciated


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what are you planning now Barker

F Charming :lol:

Just thinking things through.

From me basic research I think a Type R motor will fit a MileMarker, having spoken to Alfred Murray he says "yes" with a small adator. If I fit a type R pump I can wind up the PRV to a higher setting as the Typre R has a high max work pressure, and it almost matches the front winch then at 2750PSI

I have also plans to up the PTO pump from research to a bigger unit that will match the max flow and pressures for the front winch, this will alomost double the speed of the front winch, but would make the rear quiver with pressure and flow and fear :D

My research has lead me to this, as I am now just about to start on the Mk 3 rear winch mount before I fire up the Milling machine it would be nice to know the dimensions of the Type R unit to see if I am right that it will F fit AFTER I have made the std MM fit :D


SOMEONE................. PLEASE ................. :) ..........................

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I'll do it tomorrow - unless you wanna drop past and bask in the coal-fired cafe-latte squalor of the lab?


The above or a cold mud and water filled hole

Difficult choice,

Normally your option would win hands down (poss the Choc connection) but I need to know if the F Misfire has gone :lol:

I will therefore pass on you kind 'squallor offer', and wait for the Pics and Dims Sir :)


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