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  1. I think the main box always had the same ratios, but the transfer box had 3 flavours: series 1/2, which has a 23% lower low box ratio than the later series 2a/3 transfer box. Then there is also the 1 tonne transfer box which is very low in both high and low box. I am not sure how the series and suffix numbers compare. Daan
  2. 2 foots for me normally. To get it in the back of the car, I usually put one thread block against the pintle hook and lift the other end of the wheel. This way you only lift half the weight of it. Daan
  3. take the wheels of and fit 2 bits of angle iron, 16" long, on 1 wheel stud (16.5 mm hole in the middle of the angle iron). Measure with a tape measure and adjust. Getting the ball joints to turn is usually the biggest head ache. Daan
  4. This is the more in your face version of what I was trying to say.... Soren, the fuel tank really should be inboard as far as possible; 2 possible scenarios I can think of being doing an end over end roll and the tank getting hit by something. Also the more obvious problem of clown comp safari drivers tailgating you, resulting in a similar result. I wouldnt worry about it being close to you, hell the last time I went karting there was a tank between my legs! Looking at the picture, a tank half the size of what you have, and you could drop it about 10 inches to the bottom level of the framerails, sitting in between the propshaft and the lh chassis rails. suitable protection around it and you c of g will improve significantly.
  5. Damn, do you need all of this plate? Maybe replace for HDPE plastic?
  6. My 2p: -drill holes in the sumpguard. -remove the wheelspacers, have lighter wheels -hollow panhards -fabricated panhard mounts to replace that horrible casting -drilled radius arms if you dont have them -fueltank: I would drop it lower,every mm you can get, perhaps take a cut out of it for diff clearance. further back would not be my preference for safety and stability reasons Also, it looks like your tank mounts are a bit substantial Are you ever grounding out at the bottom? maybe lower the ride height a bit? Daan
  7. The slider joint can be either way, its just that upwards means it is less likely to get contaminated with mud or a boot getting pushed away by a branch or something. Looking at that angle, I would be tempted to up the diff nose and go for the 'w' configuration, meaning the u/js will be the same angle. It does mean that the front pinion bearing has less lubrication. Maybe raise the oil level? Of course if it works as is then leave it. Daan
  8. google translator is your friend! The ultimate Halt'up ... Le Camel At Halt'up, we start by stinging the official sponsor of the Peugeot! In fact, already partner of Land Rover on the famous Camel Trophy, the cigaretier does not find his account with Peugeot (freedom of reduced expression) and wanted to change partner. Good news, since if the budgets of previous years were around 4 million francs, at Halt'up, we spend the 5th foot on the floor with people under the hood, or 17 million francs. A new Range for the Dakar 88 in a few months? At Halt'up it's possible, classic! Today, the Range Camel Racing passes in a few months from the drawing board to 4 magnificent protos. The ultimate Halt'up wants to be lighter (body of 27 Kg in Kevlar), its V8 engine (4.0 and 4.2,2 always prepared at JE) is retreated of 270 mm and develops 300 Ch. It allowed the Range of Tighten the 215 Km / h. Power was transmitted via a 5-speed X-Trac (from the F1). The suspensions followed with 8 new handsets developed by Marzocchi. In other words, the pressure rises before the Dakar, the Halt'up appearing as official rivals of the Peugeot. Pascal Vigneron thinks then ... To this mad band of madmen, who composed Halt'up, without whom nothing would have been possible ... Strong personalities, talents, artists in their kind. We must thank the team; Benoît Riverin, Jean-Jacques Pisson, "Pierrot" Rigenbach, Gilles Groussard, Laurent Lebourgeois (and his Normans from the 2CV Cross), Gérard Lorand ... Without forgetting outside collaborators such as Jean-Marc Crespin (CJM). A perfect example of the passionate, he became a "private" pilot on Halt'up ... We were ten permanent at Ulis, on the Dakar 88 Team Halt'up represented 50 people ... The voice full of emotion, Pascal continues on this Which was a great revenge on the previous edition. It was indeed a vigil of weapon in the place of arms of the castle of Versailles in this January 1st 88 for the 603 engaged. The 4 Range Halt'up run by Zaniroli, Tambay, Canelias and the American Malcolm Miller (the real lining of Steve MC Quen in his stunts), will face the Peugeot Vatanen, Kankkunen, Pescarolo and Ambrosio. But in this duel announced Mitsubishi promptly invites himself with a beginner who quickly learned; Shinozuka. If Vatanen leads the dance chaining the scratch, Tambay clings and displays two specials to his credit before Bamako. An achievement ... We affirm Pascal Vigneron .... We had met so many problems of reliability that Zaniroli and Canelias had abandoned ... But this time, the mysterious "disappearance-reappearance" of the Peugeot of Vatanen was too big. It is the other Finnish brand lion, Kankkunen, who climbs on the 1st step of the podium. It is followed by the Mitsu of Shinozuka and Patrick Tambay, while the second Range Halt'up, that of Miller, hangs the 4th place and that very honorific of the "private". As for fast assistance, we also ensure the binomial Dupard / Bocandé finishes 11th, Not bad for a first official release!
  9. I see a range rover chassis in here. Look how they took a chunk out of it to create more travel! Loads of info here, especially if you speak french..... http://www.cta-media.net/rangedakarhaltup.html Daan
  10. I used to religiously read about these things in my younger years, and my recollection is that its basis is still a range rover frame with rover v8 engine. The body was made up out of kevlar I think and apart from being lighter, the aero was improved by sloping the windscreen backwards and the whole body was reduced to 90 per cent its size for a smaller frontal area. judging from the pic, the crew was moved backwards and perhaps the engine as well, or the front axle moved forward? Great looking machines. Daan
  11. Hi Scotts 90, Thanks for the reply, and the offer. I have now ordered the small regulator unfortunately. From my research, it shows that the adaptor hose does bolt on the mig welder with the large fitting and on the regulator with the small fitting. Than it bolts onto the bottle, like you say. Hope to finish my exhaust shortly! Thanks, Daan
  12. so what connects to the bottle? Daan
  13. Chaps, I bought some disposable bottles with pure argon. to adapt it to my mig welder, I bought a hose, like this: http://www.r-techwelding.co.uk/adaptor-kit-1-8-bsp-to-3-8-bsp/ I was expecting this would go between the disposable bottle and the regulator, but it doesn't. It appears I need another regulator too, like this: http://www.r-techwelding.co.uk/mini-gas-regulator/ But that still does not get me a connection between the bottle and the regulator. This kind of looks like it might work, but I think the bottle end needs a valve to open up the check valve in the bottle: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adaptor-Conversion-Kit-for-using-disposable-bottles-with-larger-mig-machines-/181417704116?var=480392889446&hash=item2a3d567ab4:m:mdvkB6JED_wfqHVUa_IKzbg What else do I need? Daan
  14. Hi Xychix, Nice project you have there. I doubt your chassis parts are going to fall off, and judging from the pictures I can see you are on a steep learning curve. We appreciate any buildup of our favourite brand and your updates are very welcome. Keep them coming! Daan