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  1. Must say If i could afford to have my brand new range rover pimped, I would prefer to have it done by landrover rather than some backstreet tuner. It makes sense from a warranty and selling point of view. But don't worry, I will never need to get my new range rover pimped! Daan
  2. Bloody dutch.... So where did we start, oh yes petrol engines! Daan
  3. I am not so much knowledgeable on ibexes, but that price seem pretty good. Daan
  4. P38

    The axles and chassis are similar to a defender so that should be ok-ish. The problem is that to my knowledge there are no upgraded shafts or cv's available. So that is an issue. The diffs are not standard landrover, but there are difflocks avaialble for them. Daan
  5. I dont think there is much of a downfall though, not according to this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35281307 And most people still buy diesel, so we all care about the environment until it costs us money.
  6. I was explained about test riggin during my automotive design course - in 1996. I am amazed it took them this long to realise it. VW has been singled out, but most manufacturers are guilty to some degree. The fuel consumption figures are determined in the same test as the emmisions. Considering the fuel consumption is about 40% out on most cars, why would the emissions be any better? My polo bluemotion was effected as well; they reprogrammed the ecu. On the question whether I would loose power, the answer was no. The test does not take into account full throttle.... What a garbage test that is, when flat out is where you burn the most fuel? If they want a more realistic test, the manufacturers are going to need to make a huge leap just to make the existing cars to comply. Daan
  7. With regards to LPG, this represents amazing value; Jon White, did you look for a tow vehicle? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-02-LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-4-0-V8i-XS-PETROL-LPG-AUTO-5-SEATS-BLUE-FACELIFT-/222432788044?hash=item33ca06fe4c:g:rAgAAOSw4A5Ywaa~ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-rover-discovery-2-v8-lpg-/172571137120?hash=item282e0a9460:g:S0UAAOSwzgBYxCbv http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-V8I-GS-4-0L-PETROL-LPG-/282391887967?hash=item41bfde405f:g:vKsAAOSw32lYxFma Daan
  8. I think it all depends on fuel consumption: Off course a V8 would be better, but who can afford to run it. It would be interesting to get the figures for an MPI. Also, it appears LPG has died a quiet death. Could this mean LPG will be back on the table? Daan
  9. Well, Philip hammond is a used car sales man after all.. Daan
  10. These guys fit mpi engines to defenders. They claim 136 hp in standard form and give the option of turbocharging as well. Not a bad solution I think: https://www.facebook.com/BexTechniek Daan
  11. I'd say 3k revs at 70 is about right for a v8, certainly not higher revs, so example 3 would be my choice. But on paper it is hard to judge. Why are you stuck with the series transfer box? Daan
  12. The current seal is genuine (see picture with the box), bought from the landrover dealer. It does not have the 'G' added if you buy it of landrover. It works ok so far, but not many miles done. The money spent on genuine parts is certainly worth it in this situation. Daan