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  1. Not sure about a RHD, on a LHD the manifold catches on the ABS manifold. Taking the radiator out is best, and it's not that much effort anyway. Give it a flush while you're at it. IIRC I have this cam, very lovely: https://www.v8tuner.co.uk/product.php?id=377 ARP head studs definitely. Shouldn't need to re-torque them.
  2. Is that with a club? Sounds fun to join someday if I'm in Sweden
  3. Que? Mine starts up pretty rapidly, unless it has been sitting for weeks, then it takes like 2 revs extra...
  4. Is your cooler from an auto or a manual?
  5. Bbcode should still work I think. [i]test[/i] Or not...
  6. If you've got money to burn you could give one of the Li-Ions a go. Or one of those jet starter APUs
  7. Scary. Maybe brake fade from all the TC? But then it wouldn't start working again after a metre. Very strange.
  8. Is that in a direct message, or a forum thread?
  9. Can't say I love the taillights, looks like an Escalade (and that's not a good thing).
  10. - nvm, got it wrong, not there in messages for me either.
  11. You should switch to uBlock Origin, a bit less... evil.
  12. Does that mean a Sankey doesn't have a handbrake then? Usually the break-away cable is connected to the handbrake lever, and just pulls it before it gives way.
  13. The CSS snippet I posted earlier to turn off the sidebar should do it. You can apply it with an extension like Stylus.
  14. The suspension bags are rubber, you replace them when (ideally before) they perish, just like tyres. Electronic Air Suspension, the air suspension system found on the P38 and RRC.
  15. Haven't had any issues with my Terrafirmas, but have heard of it happening before. How recent were these shocks? IIRC they were pretty carp early on but got better lately.
  16. https://www.forcegurkha.co.in/gurkha-2-2-4x4/
  17. Yes, just make sure to clean thoroughly after using sandpaper, don't want too much of the grit inside the engine.
  18. That doesn't look great, no. Bearings showing copper is fairly normal at high mileage, what I find strange is where it's on the side of the bearing. The crank definitely looks like it needs a polish. Tight small ends shouldn't give a knocking noise, at least they didn't for me. And they came loose pretty easy just wiggling them around a bit. Had this shell been moved? The oil hole isn't lined up properly, that's not great. Looks ok to me, maybe a few more marks than you'd want to see, but doesn't look to me like it's been spinning around? Also doesn't look bad
  19. In Firefox the logo displays very small, both on desktop and mobile. Changing from #elLogo img { max-height: var(--logo--height) } to #elLogo img { max-height: 100% } seems to fix it. var(--logo-height) resolves to 10%, which is very tiny.
  20. I've had that too, nothing to worry about as long as it doesn't look like they've spun in the block.
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