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Croatia trophy 2019; new location, new classes.


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10 hours ago, Ed Poore said:

Or would that risk punctures too much and therefore not worth the time in the long run?

I think this and the tyre coming off the rim where double beadlocks are not in use. No point gaining a bit of speed if you can't finish the event.

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There is a bit of fast stuff, say 80mph said jim in the video. But to be fair its only minutes untill the next tough section and you need low tyre pressures again. I ran on 5 PSI the entire event in 2016.

The Russians and estonians run central tyre inflation for this reason.

The event has now ended and Jim Won.


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8 hours ago, landroversforever said:

I’d still like to see Jim take on Ladoga :D  

I don't think he has a hope in the swamps; his car is at least a ton heavier than the Russian/Estonian cars.

But at the Croatia trophy, it doesn't seem to matter much.

That said the blue Estonian car was leading until he had a flat tyre and injured himself while dealing with it.

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1 hour ago, Daan said:



quoted from the IVA manual

" Vehicles fitted with complex drive by wire or hydraulic steering systems cannot be assessed by inspection, therefore documentary evidence must be provided "

other than that

" If the vehicle is fitted with power assisted steering, the steering must still operate with the assistance disabled "

"When the vehicle is driven at speeds above 10mph, there must be a degree of steering “self centring” evident"

which my full hydro does




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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 12:56 PM, Daan said:




That's a very old conversation which has been gone over many times; No, it is not in the manual, but it needs a solid link, no car is road legal without it.

The speed restriction is I think 30 MPH for diggers etc, but if you show up with a car with over 300HP, that argument ain't going to fly I reckon.

The first rule refers to Nissan steer by wire and the Citroen CX which had full hydro steering. Both have still a mechanical connection which is temporarily disconnected when the engine is started. The connection is spring loaded, so will drop back in once the engine is off, or the system stops working.

Still, this car has a Panhard rod, so adding the PSC 4500 steering system would be fairly easy to do and would give hydraulic steering with a mechanical link.

I would be keen on doing this, just the 60K euros to buy the car prevents me from it!

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