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whose got the ....


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i love that one of the winch pulling the burnt out car at 7S

it's very arty and a really good piccie of nick

(i take back what i said above, before nick stops talking to me, i think this car is a brillian piece of engineering, and if i had a choice it would be just the sort of thing i would be after!)

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Mines not in the members section as am carp at tech stuff and can't do the pics,must get round to it.

Nice pics thanks Dave, There is a Good one on the page 6 on getting out there posted by najw titled caption competion


Where's my CHIPS :angry:

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I believe Will Warne has it.

What, you mean this one?


I remember that well - I'd just sent Nick into the special section at one of Paul's events at Slindon because he had the un-tagged winch. Que 15 minutes of swearing and bending bodywork as Nick got very caught up on a tree and bent EVERY pannel on his truck

Here's one of it before Nick started tubing it. It's always been a very smart, well thought out truck although Nick tended to bend rather a lot of pannels before he tubed the front and back.


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