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She Bangs, She Bangs!


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A massive thank you to all forumeers who have recently assisted me in setting up megasquirt n spark on my RR, especially Fridgefreezer, Hybrid from Hell, Geoff Beaumont and Bullbar cowboy.

After five evenings of soul searching, and pestering those named above, I (we) have found the problem.....


The ONLY bit of Land Rover Electrickery left :angry: A coil pack from a RR p38a 4.6 was faulty.

Out of desperation, I decided to change things systematically, being as the engine ran with squirt only using its own distributor, the problem obviously lied in the spark system, so as changing the coil pack was easier than the vr sensor, I changed it (for 2 x Ford mondeo ones) - voila - shes running, a little rough, but Im confident a little tuning will sort that.

Thanks again guys.

On to the mapping side now!

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Well done Rog,

Not just for getting it running.

But for totally convincing me that petrol engines are carp :D .

hehehe brilliant answer. petrol engines do have uses though - chainsaws, mowers etc :ph34r:

oh well done for getting it going btw, must be a good moment atfer doing that much to it.

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So my rubber band "fell off". :huh:

I had it runnng again the same day. :P

If (or when) your chain falls off. :ph34r:

It'll take days find out whats wrong, with all the "extra" systems you've got to test :D

mmm - testing the system - youve seen the megatune, you know how good it is - getting desperate here DD :lol:

You forget to mention the fact you needed a spare engine to rob parts off, you spent 8 hours non-stop to get it running!

In the last month:

Your Diesel - snaps a timing belt, bends rods, snaps rockers etc etc - and you cosset your engine! Your engine cost thousands in headwork and turbo modifications just to try and reach the power I have on tickover :blink:

My Navara - a fully maintained, 3 year old engine blows up and loses a leg! £8k for a new one - mmmm John eales here I come.

I like my V8 it changes up gear through the auto box when climbing hills, not like those smelly squeezels who sit at the bottom of the hill, revving untill the find that 100 rpm of boost, smoke the clutch, fail the hill climb as they realise they picked a too high a gear, then attempt two, they fail again, as they pick a too lower gear, the engine only has 300 rpm, so they cant get wheel speed :lol::lol::lol:

Diesels - keep em for economy on the road, play with a proper engine! Have some fun in life.

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So you don't like Deep Fat Fryers Then 898 ?



To be honest mate, I dont mind them, I just dont want one for my off road toy, I do 40k road miles a year in the things, its a nice releif to have v8 burble to go playing in.

Its just a game me and DD have, hes tried for numerous years to convert me, I doubt it will ever happen, although I might concede diesel for a baby trialer thats planned to be built between the two of us. Its a good argument to raise when things are getting boring at the workshop :rolleyes:

Im loyal to my cause, perhaps I should quote DD directly from a recent post on here:

After a weekend of considering all manner of engine conversion.

shortlisted down to bmw 3.5 or jeep 4ltr, and actually buying a jeep for the engine

Gone fishin :D

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