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Exmoor Trim Modular seats - user experience


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Has anybody got user experience of what the Exmoor Trim Modular seats are like with Lumbar support.

Finding that both Kate and I are getting backache when driving in the 110 for long periods. I have no problems with the 90's seats so it must be the bolstering/padding of the XS seats that is the issue.

Was thinking of replacing for the modulars as you get the lumbar support, can get the heated seats with connectors for the existing looms, access to seat boxes still and can be trimmed in XS trim.



P.S anyone know how much two front LR XS seats sell for! ;) Got to offset the huge expenditure on the Exmoor trim seats :blink: , if I buy them that is.

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Seeing as XS cubby boxes and steering wheels go for over £100 on ebay I'll think I'll try there, but thanks for the generous offers guys! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:




Please PM if you have a good idea what you are looking for for the seats.


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Well I have replaced one seat base, recovered another (thanks Tony) and done the drivers back cover. Unfortunately since then we got Dougal the Deerhound Lurcher and he has eaten all four seats.

New seats on the list of jobs after the new Mini project is finished (maybe this weekend if I can get a 1 5/16 socket today! yeehaa).

The 110 needs a lot doing at the moment, its worse than usual, no really, it is...

Will :)

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